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Number9dream - Thanks for the tip regarding the Brooks Brothers sale. I put in an order for a pair of LHS color 8's as well. With tax it was a bit more than you said but still a good deal. The code is SPWE12 and it's good for $200 off $800 $100 off $500 $50 off $300
Really appreciate how Albam lets you know the origin of the fabric and manufacture (jeans: ' woven in Japan, crafted in England'; weekend jacket: "Italian cotton, beeswaxed in Scotland, while the inner is lined with an English-woven Lambs wool." ). Probably not crucial information for every purchaser, but I want to know this before I buy. In fact I WON'T buy if I feel the manufacuturer is trying to hide this basic information. Compare this to Barbour "of England" which...
Thanks for the feedback.Both look great and, as of right now, I'm leaning toward the Brooks Brothers unlined penny loafer due to the immediate availability of C widths.Any differences in sizing between the LHS and the BB unlined version? I read on SF that the BB unlined cordovan penny loafer is supposedly a bit more roomy. Would you say it's actually a bit larger or is it simply more relaxed because it's not lined?
Color 8 LHS (lined) versus Brooks Brothers color 8 (unlined) penny loafer. My understanding is that the shoes are exactly the same (Alden's Van last, Horween cordovan, etc.) EXCEPT the BB version is unlined. Assuming that's correct ... Which one would you recommend - lined or unlined?
Happened to find the WM Viyella Middle Jacket in navy for 50% off so I just ordered it. Anybody else out there have this jacket? If so what are your thoughts?
I have this shoe and love it -- especially the contrasting light-colored welt -- but the natural chromexcel it is an uneven, varying color leather. Best to send it back it if it's not what you expected. But who knows, with time (and expsoure to light & heat) they might darken and look more uniform.
I pulled the trigger on these a couple of weeks ago and am quite pleased. The snuff/color 8 are very complimentary, and the single oak flat-welted sole is such a clean version of the Barrie. This is also my first balmoral style Alden. The bal/Barrie combo provides an exceptional fit for my C-width feet -- quite a bit snugger in the heel & across the arch than my Barrie last LWBs/PTBs.
Put in an order for mine with Shoemart last Friday. Shipped yesterday, due to arrive February 14th. Context and Unionmade have spoiled me -- I'm used to receiving orders within 4-5 days. This is even more excurciating because, well, it's Cigar LWB's I'm waiting on.
Nice. Chromexcel? Shoemart doesn't provide much detail online.
Acrimony has a notice on some of it's Gitman offerings that "these shirts are running trim. Size up if you are between sizes." Any idea how much more trim? Penelopes has the double weight grey flannel button down on sale S M L XL availability. I have it - probably my favorite item purchased in a long time. http://shoppenelopes.com/Product/Gitman+Vintage+grey+double+weight+oxford
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