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= classic Friday for you, MrDV. They look great.
It's Friday and my Ranger Moccs made it into the rotation yet again. Love the fit. Never thought I'd say that about the dreaded Van last. ('Dreaded' to me anyway, in the context of the LHS).
Alcibiades, I prefer a clunky Barrie last reverse welt PTB to the unlined chukka. I just don't care for how the unlined chukka looks on my feet. PTBs provide a much better fit.
Haha - it's not like you went into the City and came up empty-handed.
Excellent duo, kwhitelaw. Does Alden Madison Ave carry very many styles in store that are not on the website? Thanks.
My new rugged work/winter/hiking boot (aka color 8 Indy)
Beautiful pics of amazing footwear, Don L. Alden is probably having an uptick in sales today for this model thanks to you.
Alcibiades, excellent make up. They look great.Tifosi - excellent shine, sir. Leather or Commando sole?Good luck with those, Beatlegeuse. I have been considering a pair myself. Alden DC tells me they (and other Alden stores) stock C widths.
Nice photos Bakes. Love the black shell LHS. I've always wondered about the Alden Cape Cod loafer -- with the beefrolls. I wouldn't mind something like that in shell -- any color, really.
Color 8 PTBs today. So comfy.
New Posts  All Forums: