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!!!!!!Truly outstanding, Sir. Congratulations on a collection any of us would be proud to have and wear.Question about the chukkas: are they all Barrie?Is the reverse chamois chukka from J Crew?Also - second from the end: is that a modified last?
diddipalo, I generally prefer their classic Made in England offerigs (Bedale, Beaufort, etc.). Having said that, the first three look quite nice. Do you have the option of trying any of these on prior to purchase? I think it will come down to fit.
Those George boots are indeed nice, tmw.Interesting that the George boot seems to be available in a variety of lasts -- Unionmade had a Barrie last version a while back ( ), Leffot has one on the Plaza last ( ) and now this TSM shell version on Aberdeen, a last which I've never tried.Anyway, thanks for providing some...
RTP, they look great. So great that, if my wife saw those pics, my credit cards would probably mysteriously disappear or stop working ....
Nice vid - thanks!
Congratulations, Mike, and thanks for posting such great photos. Enjoy wearing!
Nice score, tmw. How is the fit? Did you go with TTS?I have a vintage pair of boots in this style - always been interested in the Alden version.Congratulations!
Congratulations RTP!
I agree. In the words of Sammy Davis Jr., those boots cook AND swing!I particularly like how the sole gives the toe a slightly more rounded look.
hah - that one needs to go in the quote bank, RTP!
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