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Gentlemen, Does anybody happen to have the color 8 handsewn four eyelet blucher oxford (style #73906) that is currently for sale at Alden on Madison Ave: http://www.aldenmadison.com/SHELL4.html Image link: http://www.aldenmadison.com/73906.jpg Is it basically the Ranger Mocc (which I believe has five eyelets)? Any additional photos or info would be appreciated.
Nice looking boot, Sir. NST on the Plaza last is a great combo.
RTP - that's quite a tour - congratulations to you and your daughter.
Thanks B, much appreciated.The Naval Boot is so new that it's going to be some time before I know precisely how well it's going to fit. No plans to wear it outside for at least another couple of weeks. I will say this, though: I usually get Barrie last footware in size 10D, and they fit reasonably well (I'm an 11C Brannock, going down a FULL size in D width Barries to accomodate its voluminous fit). But my 10D Barrie last boots just don't work for length, so I decided...
Hey RTP, I stumbled on a picture of this 'M75 wingtip' that someone posted here, and have been trying to find that picture again for the last couple of weeks. Couldn't remember who posted it, didn't know the model, and it didn't come up in any photo searches. It was in color 8 and looked fantastic. So thanks for identifying! (Didn't realize it was a BB shoe). I understand the criticism somebody mentioned about the exposed eyelets, but they totally work on this shoe (as...
Thanks RTP, I value your opinion on these matters. This Plaza doesn't seem a whole lot less bulky than the Barrie Naval boot, that's for sure. I will attempt to get a better photo of the boots side by side. As I said, the 10.5 Barrie feels roomier than the 10.5 Plaza - in the heel area, across the arch and definitely tow space. So they might appear the same size, but my feet say otherwise. Also, the Plaza boot has a commando sole and 360 degree flat welt, so it's...
Thank you, Sir. The 10.5D Plaza is a more snug fit. The 10.5D Barrie fits bigger all over, with more heel slippage but ultimately it feels like it will provide a roomier more comfortable fit. I have a couple of 10.5C Barries on order, and I'm hoping they will provide the perfect fit.
What specifically was your issue with Leffot? I asked if they could accommodate a C width for me and they said yes. I actually asked Epaulet that same question within the last couple of weeks and they said no.
Thanks MrDV, the Plaza last plain toe boots are going to get a lot of wear this Fall. I've been slowly breaking them in.
Ahhhh, the opinion of the S.O.Your comment raises an issue I've thinking about for a while -- regarding the opinion of the "S.O." My S.O. is pretty, from a big city, with a strong, natural sense of style. She can look at a person's clothing, shoes or general appearance and know in 3 seconds if "it works" or not. While not huge, I've noticed a definite schism between some of the commonly held opinions expressed on SF, versus what she likes or finds attractive. I'm not...
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