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Nice one RTP. That is a beautiful LWB. And thanks for the info on the Leydon last. I actually have tried it (unlined chukkas) and it might work for me. The issue that kept me from going ahead with the purchase was a fair amount of heel slippage in the chukka. I think a Leydon suede PTB might be an option though (next year!).
Like the red bottom of a baboon, it's the red sole of this snuff suede LHS that makes it particularly desirable and attractive.
Thanks RTP. I like the look of the Barrie, but being a C width, I find myself in between the typical sizing of 1/2 size down and a full size down. I'm facinated by the Grant because it's supposedly a TTS fit. Also, I've read that some people find it a bit narrow - which, for me, could be great.
And if they are willing to add a special size for you that isn't part of the typical pre-order (like a "C" width) you might need to pay 100% up front.
Great looking pair of boots, Sir. Looks highly versatile. I've always wondered about the Grant last but never had an opportunity to try it.
Beautiful. Is that ... calf or shell? Any idea how old?
I've seen Earth reverse chamois in person, and I'd describe it as an oiled charcoal grey (maybe with very slight hints of greenish/charcoal grey?). I've read that Earth is actually a very dark brown suede, but the oil finish makes it look charcoal grey or even black(ish?) in certain light.I have a Tobacco reverse chamois boot and, as it's lost some of its oil coating over time, it has lightened from approximately the shade of 'dark chocolate' to the point where it's more...
Let me see if I've got this right: 'support' translates to 'enable,' so 'put your toe back in the Alden water' means ... 'cannon ball off the 12ft board?' Hey Tampatravel, think Yzerman sports a pair like that? If not, he should. Great looking pair of Aldens.
Thank you, sir. I've really enjoyed seeing your collection - not sure you've posted a shoe that I wouldn't mind wearing myself.
Thanks. There's no other black shell on the horizon right now. I took a few pictures of the Naval boot but it's sort of like taking a picture of a black lab - lots of charm and personality in person, but often comes out like a black blob with eyes (eyelets?) in photos. I'll brush it and try again in full sun.
New Posts  All Forums: