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I have the RL Gianni and - you're kind of right - the shape is similar. But it feels very wide. Like "E" width wide.
Caps play nearby too!
Great you guys had a chance to meet in person. So many restaurants in that area too.
!!!!!!!!!! Eh Gaad - what a stark difference! And I love my color 8 Indys on Trubalance.
And yes I'd put a commando sole on it down the road - or at least consider it
Thanks EIB. They are a nice boot. What I mean by painted is: the leather is green on one side and a natural brown sueded look on the inside - like the leather used on a Bass loafer. I'm sure it will crease and improve with age but nothing like like a harness leather, where you an actually see the hide. This is a solid green color.
i checked their site the day they sent the email blast and only size 10 was available.
I like my 8180. I just wish they'd stop trying to compare these two boots.
It's actually green leather. It's loosely based on a boot they did in the 1960s for Ted Williams. Honestly it bears NO resemblance to that boot, which was a hunting style boot with a dark sole and made with actual Kangatan Kangagroo leather.This boot is exactly like their other recent Moc toe style boots. It's NICE but considering all the marketing hype over it, I was a bit non-plused when it arrived. The leather is so so - it's "painted green" leather. I have a...
I'm slowly changing all my Barrie last footwear to 10.5C - a better fit for me.
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