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Peter - as I said yesterday, I had this "blotch" issue come up a few months ago on a pair of color 8 NSTs. I emailed Alden about the issue, sent them pictures, and they sent me a mailer so I could return them to Alden for "repair." Alden "fixed" the problem to my satisfaction - for all practical purposes, you cannot see the blotches anymore. The shoes are now a very dark version of color 8.Before pics (taken with flash, which really makes the flaws show up):After (sorry...
Last year the Stollerys at Yonge & Bloor had racks and racks of Barbour. Gloverall too. Glad to see they're still in business and carrying such great merchandise.
Peter, I ran into this issue a couple of months ago and opted to contact Alden about it. I sent them pictures of the blotches and asked what they were and whether anything could be done to 'fix' them. Alden sent me a mailing container, re-dyed the shoes and got them back to me in less than three weeks. They look much better now. I have some before/after pics that I will post in a day or two.
I tried this method and it works fairly well, although the toe room isn't ideal. I'm surprised Alden doesn't make the two eyelet chukka in narrower widths as a standard offering, as it does with other stock models (975, 990, etc).
So nice ....
tifosi - in case you haven't seen it, there's also a winged boot at Alden NYC (style 4461) - http://www.aldenmadison.com/SHELL3.html
Thanks - I've been looking at these for a while -Alden NYC:Cordovan Algonquin BlucherMoulded:Burnished Calfskin BootBrown CXL PCT BootBrown Suede Plain Toe BootNatural CXL Indy BootBrown CXL IndysMight start with the Algonquin in shell and see what happens.
Very nice. I really want to try the modified last - just need to narrow down the choices to a particular shoe or boot.
Congrats Don, that is a great club to join. What is your plan for wearing them -- suits? casual wear?
GooseG, as you're buffing and brushing all your shell, you'll be wondering what you used to do with all your free time.
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