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Just picked these up from Context: Joe's PH II in Horween Peanut Chamois Handsewn toe True Moccasin construction Plantation crepe sole It's my third pair of Russell Moccasins and I definitely like the look of these PH II's. Kudos to Context for offering this make up. You can find tons of unique RM styles on Japanese websites and blogs, but relatively few in the U.S. As for the fit -- you know how some boots fit stiff and firm, like you have heavy Frankenstein...
I'd love another pair of waxed flesh shoes -- or boots.I know many people like the distressed look but whenever my Maliseets start getting those light, dry patches, I pull out the SR and the leather goes back to a more uniform, healthy, look again.
A little more info on Waxed Flesh from the Horween site: http://horween.com/101/the-leather-that-has-3-names/ I have a waxed flesh Quoddy Maliseet Oxford - great shoe. Love the leather. I apply a little saphir renovateur from time to time which keeps the waxed flesh conditioned.
Szerwo, nice pick up. I've been thinking about this makeup for quite a while now. How is that leather sole treating you? Is it comfortable to walk in? Is there a break in process or was it comfortable out of the box?
Nixda - those look fantastic. Congrats. Great to hear they are comfortable. Is that suede or rough out CXL? Curious about the dark spots - what caused them? They look fine -- and convey a broken in look to the boot -- but have you ever tried/ had any success cleaning those off? I have Quoddy and Yuketen suede shoes that are 4-5 years old, get tons of wear but haven't developed dark spots that I've seen in several Viberg boot pics.
A+++++I pre-ordered these too, and for the first time got a C width. I'm finding that the narrower toe box, flat welt and toe stitching make the Barrie Tanker look SO different from say, a D width Barrie LWB.
so intrigued by the modified last ...these look great!
Nice! I ordered a pair of these over the Summer (same time as I preordered the tankers, which arrived Dec 30th) but haven't heard from Leffot yet. Which preorder were these from?
It's not a store I visit often, and I don't remember the SAs being especially good or bad - I look on my own and want them out of my way. I do remember a slightly shorter length toggle coat from Gloverall that was gorgeous and later checked online to find the Stollery sale price was definitely a legit sale price. When I got back to the US I couldn't find the coat anywhere - that particular coat wasn't available via the Internet outside the UK. I have no idea about...
Regarding the color 8 "splotch" or "blotch" pics I posted earlier -- The blotches were barely visible -- but visible -- under normal light. Using flash photgraphy or under close inspection, you could definitely see the blotches. I feel like it was a pretty major flaw. From what I was told on this thread, the blotches would likely become more visible as the color 8 cordovan went through it's normal aging/lightening process. Alden never offered an explanation, only a...
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