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good point, I will definitely look for current 2030 make ups with a commando sole. But sleekness is relative when it comes to Vibergs, 2030 included: I posted several comparison pics of my 2045, 2030 and Alden Barrie boots several months ago on this thread -- and the Barrie is far n away the "sleekest" of the lot.
Beautiful. Congratulations!
I'd be interested in a similar run but on the 2030 last instead of the 2045.
Thanks Gentlemen! I always feel good when I step into these beauties.Thank you Sir. If they suit your style, why not have a pair for each day of the week?
RTP, those look so sharp, especially with the grey trousers. Well done Sir.
For your consideration: Alden Ranger Mocc in a rich, oily, smooth tobacco chamois leather from Horween tannery in Chicago. Van last, size 10D. 360 degree flat/regular Goodyear welt. Made in USA by Alden - special make up for Winn Perry. From the WP description: "A hand sewn mocc toe and unique quarter construction give these shoes a time-honored New England look. The addition of the natural plantation crepe rubber sole enhances the New England feel, while providing...
Alden "All Weather Walker" blucher in brown alpine grain calfskin, shaped over the Barrie last, size 10D. 360 degree reverse welt, antique edge & natural plantation crepe sole. Made by Alden in Middleborough, Massachusetts, USA (retail for $520 with Alden pricing due to increase Jan '15). This shoe has been part of the Alden catalog for years and is a "trad" standard -- it's one of the most common (and loved) leather/style combos around. Check out this Leffot blog...
Happy Friday to all - finally getting around to photographing my cigar longwings with light edging. Got these several years ago from TSM. You can see the nice color variation developing, although they still look quite dark under less sunny conditions.
Beautiful pair of shoes Mike! Half size smaller than I wear, but I'm sure they'll find a new home very soon.
For your consideration: The Alden long wing blucher oxford in a rich color 8 shell cordovan from the Horween tannery in Chicago, IL. Shaped over the Barrie last in size 10D. Also simply known by its model number, "the 975," this is the quintessential Alden make up. Long after the "natural edge" phenomenon fades, the 975 will still be THE classic interpretation of the long wing blucher - dark edge trim, thick double leather soles and a 360 degree reverse Goodyear...
New Posts  All Forums: