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There's anecdotal evidence out there suggesting the shell models will feel a bit looser, perhaps because it doesn't stretch, so Alden is accounting for that lack of stretch by making shell models looser than non-shell boots/shoes.
Good luck on the interview! Once you're in, then you can bring out the wing tips in more casual circumstances.
Agreed. But if those are your only options then I'd go option 1.
Congrats. Hopefully you'll ween yourself off the AEs slowly - 15 pair is a substantial committment. I've always wanted the 405 but never quite pulled the trigger due to one reason (or other pair of shoes) or another. Hope they work out for you. Have you ever been to Roden Gray?
Old school Ravello. I love it! That combo is amazing. Congratulations S!
Thanks. The suit price just seems too high. I feel like the J Press cotton suit is kind of the standard, and it's in the $500 range (Harrison is $750 - ouch). Still, I'm fascinated by the GBV Harrison suit in wool - mainly due to the tailoring, which appears very traditional.
Has anyone purchased or at least seen the GBV Harrison suits in person? Appreciate hearing your thoughts.
Are you sure they're made by Alden?
Thanks for the background Mike. So both the black and color 8 versions are on Commando sole?
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