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Thanks RTP, it was nice to pick up a great Alden shoe in shell that cost less than $765. Not sure about the snap last though. It's my size, just not sure how comfortable it will be.
MrDV, hopefully THAT's not Crew's plan - we'd miss you on the Alden thread.Crew has carried Red Wing, Russell Moccasin and Quoddy (and probably others) and I don't see them successfully competing with any of those shoe/bootmakers with Crew versions.
RTP, the sun really brings out the color tones nicely - you definitively should consider putting these into the summer rotation more often. Well done!
Originally Posted by JezeCHaha, who's going to buy Jcrew shoes if they tried to replicate Alden's exact shoes with similar price point?I think that's always been J Crew's MO - to have their own branded versions of popular items - button downs, polo shirts, pants, jackets, socks ... and shoes. Same as many retailers. I'm not a J Crew historian but the "J Crew in Good Company" marketing strategy was fairly recent. But an Indy rip off does seem a bit over the top. I...
When whiskey was readily available a few years ago I just wasn't interested, but it's grown on me the last year or two - especially the PTB and the short wing that RTP posted yesterday. In these times of prohibition you've got to go to great lengths if you want to drink whiskey.
Snap! These gently broken in snap lasted Alden for Brooks Brothers perforated cap toes arrived today, fresh off eBay. Don't know the seller, but I really like these babies, and appreciate the original box AND Brooks shoe trees. Way to make a buyer happy!
Those look SO good IC. Really makes me wish I had whiskey someplace other than just the liquor cabinet.
When you see it in the context of all the other beautiful Aldens pictured here, it really does look fresh & timeless. I have never worn a tassel shoe in my life, but seeing your photos makes me want to give it (model 563?) a try.
Agree with both your sentiments. Not sure about the question whether wide footed guys are getting classier than their EEEE-footed ancestors (lol!) - maybe somebody else has an opinion on that one.It wasn't THAT long ago that you could walk into a local shoe store and pick up wide OR narrow widths for shoes like Allen Edmonds or (Made in Maine) Bass. I still remember trying and buying C width Weejuns (kids size), at a local shop. Alden seems to carry a pretty decent range...
Well ... Off the top of my head: I picked up a 11.5B deadstock Florsheim Imperial Kenmor LWB in a brown shell, an 11.5C Barrie Ltd LWB in a reddish-brown (or faded color 8?) shell, an 11C 1960s Cole Han (Made in England) burgundy & black (calf) saddle shoe, and a 1950s "cigar" shell LWB (Hanover I think) which may be the best fitting long wing in my closet. That one is marked 10B, which is ridiculous - the sole measures 13 inches and fits as wide as a Barrie C or D width....
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