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Saddles came from the same place you got your awesome boots -- the Crew!
Wel done Sir. I can see why you rank them so high. And natty CXL will age so well. But why can't you wear very often? Weather?
Hope you find a pair! It's Van last sizing. I sized down because it would otherwise fit too wide for me. I wear it like a Moc - snug - but if you're okay with Van last/LHS sizing then order your normal size.
Hey NY - here's some close ups of the LHS with red brick sole. It's a half size small, so it wears like a moc -- I often wear them without socks. The tightness keeps it from buckling on the side.When it came to a shell full strap loafer, I went the C&J route (pictured below) because it has a relatively thick sole and seems to provide a sturdier feel through the ankle. I just couldn't get a good fit with the Alden LHS - tried two and returned two.P.S. you mentioned the...
Thanks Shawn. Some false starts along the way, mostly due to sizing issues. The one I'm still a bit unsure about is the unlined dover. I think I'd prefer it with a thicker sole rather than the single flex.Congrats on your recent acquisitions!
Hah! They've mostly been playing winter ball, so they're in shape and don't want to sit, just because temps go above 60 - color 8 tanker & cap toe boot, black shell naval boot, Color 8 NST dress shoe & Ranger, misc. LWBs - stuff like that. Tanker boot is probably the Ace.
NY - it's several years old, from Unionmade. Their take on a dirty buck, except it's a loafer. It's one of those make ups where I saw it and five minutes later it was mine (same with the snuff/color 8 saddle). I'll take some close ups when I get home.
Thanks. i've had that one for several years. It doesn't get tons of wear but it's a great shoe.
Thanks Man. Red brick -- I just corrected it.
Spring training has begun, and so far this will be my everyday lineup: Top L-R: snuff suede/color 8 saddle; ravello cap toe boot; color 8 unlined dovers; whiskey bluchers Bottom L-R: color 4/black saddle; snuff suede LHS with red brick sole; natty CXL LWB; natty CXL PTB
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