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Great looking boot!
It is. It's something that my Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens is disclosing that you can't really see with the naked eye. Also, the reverse chamois looks more even-toned in real life, where these pics make it look more uneven than it appears to the eye. But ... hopefully it will soak all of the snuff suede and will no longer be noticeable at all!
Hi Namor - I've heard of others having customs issues recently, but I did not: got the shoes during a pre-Christmas "free worldwide delivery" promo that Frans was running -- bough them online using my cc, Frans backed out the VAT on the final price as per normal for US purchasers, and the saddles arrived in less than three days.
breck81 inspired me to take a few more pics of my reverse chamois/snuff suede saddles from Fran Boone: Viva la Frans!
I actually covet that shoe, and the style generally. I've talked to a couple of stockists but no dice on a new run (for now). A couple of months ago I found a vintage pair of Spalding golf shoes like this, except in burgundy/black. I'm planning to have a cobbler turn them into street shoes for me.
They are not from the most recent run although I've been kind of sitting on them. They haven't been worn in more than a year. Finally decided to let them go.
congrats! I hope they work out well for you. I am loving mine. Not enough saddles on this thread!
Gentlemen, as I laced up my new Greenwich reverse chamois boots this morning I actually got oil on my fingers. This run is definitely heavily oiled. They will get more suede-like with wear. I also have a reverse chamois plain toe boot from 3-4 years ago and it looks a lot like like your basic dark brown suede boot (not dried out by any means - just very little surface oil) - so thanks Burzan for the info on what type of oil to apply.
Nice - mine just arrived too. Haven't had a chance to try them on yet. This is my first experience seeing the shortwing boot in person and I really like it. Love the light edging/reverse chamois combo.
hah! I guess I'd liken them more to automobiles - some think they're transportation and nothing more; others see them as status symbols and sport a high-end model (or models) without troubling themselves over "why" it's a great model; while others become obsessed with what's under the hood, how they're made and numerous small but "important" differences in models that make them unique and/or special.
New Posts  All Forums: