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Thanks E. I figured as much, yet I was hoping there might be a shell boot option, just in time for the Holidays.Your boots look great. I've been looking at that plain toe natty Cxl model for a while now, too, along with the brown Cxl.
I preordered that boot as well. There's at least three other makeups that have recently caught my eye so I need the reverse chamois WTBs to quench the thirst (and keep a few extra bucks around for Christmas shopping).
Got the email this morning for OSBs new color 8 Trench boot. It's chromexcel, not shell, correct?
Sounds like a great combo, RTP! Let's see the whole ensemble, just to be sure!
For me the issue is the Barrie's heel, which fits very wide. If you try a C, you'll get a narrower heel, but you'll also definitely lose space in the toe box. I tried a C in the unlined Color 8 Dover, which has a single leather sole. It fits alright, but it gives the shoe a much narrower toe relative to the still formidable heel. For now it's just sitting in its box since I'm not sure about the "look" of it. That's why I was asking if anyone had tried a Plaza last...
Mike, I was speaking only in terms of width - ordering a C width Plaza boot rather than a D. I didn't state whether I went tts on Barrie. But in fact I do size down a half size for Barrie (from tts 11 to a 10.5) and go 11 for Plaza. The issue I'm raising is whether anyone's tried Plaza in something narrower than a D.
Has anybody had experience ordering Plaza last boots or shoes in narrower widths? If so did the fit work better for you than a plain old D? Did it throw off the look? Any pictures to share? I'm a C width and Plaza D is okay but I'm contemplating a C width special order. I've ordered Barrie in C width and one thing I've noticed is that the toe box gets a bit narrow while the heel is still relatively pronounced. I'm just curious how that ratio plays out on the Plaza last.
Thank you, Sir. I appreciate all the useful info you've provided in this thread.
Pair of Marlow wingtips arrived and I am loving them. I am an 11C on the Brannock and size 11D fits perfectly. I also have the PTB in 11D which fits similarly, possibly a tiny bit more snug than these brand new wing tips. Here's a quickie comparison shot with my also new Alden Ravello LWBs (10.5D):
Agreed RTP.I somewhat like all four of these pre-orders.The waterlock sole on the Cxl LWB will be great for keeping moisture out and the brown metal eyelets are a nice touch.I was thinking the chamois LWB would be a perfect Fall and Winter shoe, although I'm taking into consideration what someone posted earlier about how it ages.Kind of interested in the shortwing boot ...
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