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Are you sure they're made by Alden?
Thanks for the background Mike. So both the black and color 8 versions are on Commando sole?
Ben they look great! I missed the back story on these (partially intentional - not interested in buying anything right now). Did these sell out at Alden DC? Was it a "list" situation? Will there be future runs?
I also prefer the more rounded toe stitching pattern on the Grant and the Plaza. Love my color 8 Indys but don't understand the squared stitching at the toe.
awesome! Now get those beauties inside!
Nice cap toes NY. Never to early to start getting ready for spring. It will arrive someday. What's the rest of the lineup?
Wow - nice collections Gentlemen! The Alden Gods have been kind to you both.
Saddles came from the same place you got your awesome boots -- the Crew!
Wel done Sir. I can see why you rank them so high. And natty CXL will age so well. But why can't you wear very often? Weather?
New Posts  All Forums: