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Bel y Cia
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat This. Timeless, in-house movement, exposition caseback, and can be dressed up or down by going with different strap options. There are multiple sizes available, so depending on your wrist circumference you may consider checking out the standard men's model. Reversos are also good buys on the secondary market. +1 my wife has been wearing my Platinum Reverso RDM for years now. Perfect size for her...
Quote: Originally Posted by fibonacci I love your username. You joined around the same time I did. You have around the same number of posts that I do. Are you me? Fibonacci, sometimes I feel like I live in a parallel universe, so I really could be. Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Nice name, gesture and taste.. Have you got a daughter? Jaypee, unfortunately no. Sons, but let me talk to the wife and see...
All have been claimed and I am awaiting paypal payments for shipping. If they do not come, I will contact everyone in order that I received requests. Thank you.
No Catch. Just cleaning out my closet. I will only charge shipping which will be approximately $20 according to UPS. Also, since this is FREE and I just don't have time, no pictures. I am sorry, but i really don't have time to devote to this and therefore I am not asking for anything other than covering my shipping. I will give you descriptions however. For comparison sake, I fit almost perfectly into a 44R RLPL Savile Row. Usually need minor alterations on the...
Gentleman, help me begin the Fall cleaning process. I am letting these SLIGHTLY used shoes go for a great price and I am willing to work with an offer. Over the last year I have slowly been pairing down my shoe rotation and as I get older I find myself wearing a few favorites. All that is needed is a good home for these shoes and they will not disappoint.
Another drop in price. Make me an offer and help me clean out my closet
Another drop in Price. I would love to send these out today and free up some closet space.
Another price drop. Let's make a deal.
Price Drops. Let's make a deal.
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