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I'd recommend not going out and spending $500 on something to wear tomorrow night.
You should definitely wear a milk mustache too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube ^Or want to share an exciting mlm opportunity with you. I looked that up on UrbanDictionary hoping for something kinky. I was disappointed with my findings.
Since the hotness of the ex- is completely unrelated to the subject of the post, you must have included those details to show off. Pics do a much better job of that. Or it didn't happen.
I agree with the above. Your arms are disproportional, but isn't one of the reasons you're having the jacket custom-made so that it will fit?
When I was in science camp in the 6th grade, someone fell off her bed and broke her leg. Counselors let anyone who was afraid of falling put their mattress down on the floor at night.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson If you want to go to Verizon, go for the LG Touch. The touch screen is easy to use, etc, but it also has a full keyboard on the inside, and texting is a breeze. I've had mine since.... oh, July or August I guess, and am very happy with it. +1 I got one in September and I'm happy with it. With anything fancier you have to pay for data packages and whatnot, which I have no use for.
How about the guy diving into a wishing fountain to collect change?
#1 is not funny.
And, by saying Sean Connery is "arguably" the best you admit that others may disagree, so he shouldn't be excluded.
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