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Are there situations when you prefer/recommend wearing glasses instead of contact lenses? Perhaps when dressed a certain way, or in certain situations? For example, would you choose to wear glasses to a job interview when you don't wear them daily?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I don't think anyone read it. FTFY
Mine comes in fine, but I've never grown it to mountainman-thickness. After 4-5 days of growth it makes me look like a pedophile, so I just shave at that point. Maybe having a tan would make it look better at that stage?
It pains me to know that all of those contestants think they're well dressed . As well as voting for the best dressed, we should be allowed to vote for worst dressed. The prize could be a makeover.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos When you think about it, $52 for a simple strip of leather not even long enough to lace a shoe that took zero skill to make is a massive price rape, no matter how you spin it. I genuinely feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to purchase it. Agreed. But I found something like that for a few dollars at H&M
We would love to see a picture of what you chose to wear
I'd recommend not going out and spending $500 on something to wear tomorrow night.
You should definitely wear a milk mustache too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube ^Or want to share an exciting mlm opportunity with you. I looked that up on UrbanDictionary hoping for something kinky. I was disappointed with my findings.
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