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Is that a Lucky Charms Pot o' Gold?
This might actually help me study. Unless it puts me to sleep instead.
Last month I was out a few nights before my rent was due, and when I used the ATM I realized I only had $54 left in my account. I'd only been using cash back so I hadn't been keeping track of the balance, and later I realized that when my dad paid me back in cash for some airline tickets I'd bought him I should have deposited the money. Anyway, when I got home after a night of drinking I log onto my online savings account to initiate a transfer, but I accidentally...
[quote=whiteslashasian;3142594]The self important asshole in the OP's story obviously doesn't have what it takes to fit in a corporate environment of any kind, refusing to get the coffee being just the start. /QUOTE] I'm glad my degree/career choice won't be pushing me into a "corporate environment," then. My guess is most others who think the whole practice of hazing the newbies by making them carry out menial tasks don't work in that kind of...
Actually, I just sent my unpaid intern to stand in line for me .
By doing it while on the clock?
Since you'll be wearing it with cargo pants and a polo shirt, I'm afraid you'll have to settle for uncool and unique. No matter how cool the hat itself is.
Does hand washing usually work on wool slacks tagged Dry Clean Only?
Any objection to second-hand leather shoes?
Thanks for the interesting responses. I started wearing glasses when I was 15. Unlike many people, I never minded wearing them (except when at the beach, walking through the rain, or drinking a hot beverage ), so I never considered contacts until about 6 months ago. I'm in my mid-20's, and had decided to leave my job and return to school full-time in a new city, so I decided to give contacts a try thinking they'd help me blend in with the college crowd. I only...
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