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I'd ordered 4 shirts that worked for $160 shipped, and the day they arrived I realize that not only could I have gotten a better deal with this offer, but one of the shirts I wanted was now in available in my size. (I'd emailed customer service, and they told me they had no way of knowing which shirts would be restocked). I decided to place a new order for 5 shirts, and return the 4 I'd ordered. I didn't like two of them so much anyway. Losing out on the $15 shipping...
I just drag them over to a limited-access friend category.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl I thought this was a joke poast when I read the title, but congrats on the promotion. +1. Deerstalker hat.
I'm a college student so I'll often walk 5+ minutes across campus on rainy days. In intermittent rain I'll carry a compact umbrella and avoid walking while it's raining. In constant rain I'll wear a mac or Barbour coat and a water repellant wool fedora. The hat's more of a hassle to carry than the umbrella, which I can hang from my school bag, but I prefer it in the rain. Sno-Sealed LL Bean Katahdin Iron Works boots are my default puddle-stompers.
A crude charcoal sketch of your peenis sent by courier would not garner the same response.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll I kick bathroom doors open. +1. Doesn't matter if it swings in or out.
It's a sign. It's time for it to come off.
I've bought a bottle of ibuprofen at the 99 cent store and it did the trick. I buy batteries there too (for low-power devices, like remote controls).
I have one of the people AB described on my facebook. She's a former coworker. She doesn't have access to my wall, but I still get her updates ("After a nice weekend, back to reality. Everyone have a good week." and "What's with this weather? I thought it was Spring time!").
I don't think it was common because it was "in style."
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