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Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll I kick bathroom doors open. +1. Doesn't matter if it swings in or out.
It's a sign. It's time for it to come off.
I've bought a bottle of ibuprofen at the 99 cent store and it did the trick. I buy batteries there too (for low-power devices, like remote controls).
I have one of the people AB described on my facebook. She's a former coworker. She doesn't have access to my wall, but I still get her updates ("After a nice weekend, back to reality. Everyone have a good week." and "What's with this weather? I thought it was Spring time!").
I don't think it was common because it was "in style."
This might actually help me study. Unless it puts me to sleep instead.
Last month I was out a few nights before my rent was due, and when I used the ATM I realized I only had $54 left in my account. I'd only been using cash back so I hadn't been keeping track of the balance, and later I realized that when my dad paid me back in cash for some airline tickets I'd bought him I should have deposited the money. Anyway, when I got home after a night of drinking I log onto my online savings account to initiate a transfer, but I accidentally...
Actually, I just sent my unpaid intern to stand in line for me .
By doing it while on the clock?
Since you'll be wearing it with cargo pants and a polo shirt, I'm afraid you'll have to settle for uncool and unique. No matter how cool the hat itself is.
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