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Quote: Originally Posted by Aaargh My former girlfriend was kind of insecure and needy but boy did she fuck good. I read needy at first too. Needy > nerdy in bed.
Can anyone confirm whether or not those are shell cordovan please?
I used to wear prescription glasses, but switched to contacts a few months ago and decided to get some sunglasses. I was looking for nicer ones to fit my face too (I need a small temple-to-temple measurement, and that info usually isn't provided) but got a cheap pair ($30 marked down to $6) for a daytime event I'd be attending outdoors. The first day I had them I dropped and sat on them, so I bent them back into shape and dropped the idea of getting a more expensive pair.
My mom once found a meth pipe in the yard and asked me if it was used to smoke weed.
http://www.midomi.com/ No need to download or install anything.
I worked at a courthouse for a few years, and everything Bradford describes sounds about right. Also, a huge percentage of the cases were DUI's. It seemed all they did was guide the defendants through guilty pleas, since the sentences for those were pretty consistent.
I'd hide it in a doghouse occupied by a vicious dog.
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