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I worked at a courthouse for a few years, and everything Bradford describes sounds about right. Also, a huge percentage of the cases were DUI's. It seemed all they did was guide the defendants through guilty pleas, since the sentences for those were pretty consistent.
I'd hide it in a doghouse occupied by a vicious dog.
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I'd ordered 4 shirts that worked for $160 shipped, and the day they arrived I realize that not only could I have gotten a better deal with this offer, but one of the shirts I wanted was now in available in my size. (I'd emailed customer service, and they told me they had no way of knowing which shirts would be restocked). I decided to place a new order for 5 shirts, and return the 4 I'd ordered. I didn't like two of them so much anyway. Losing out on the $15 shipping...
I just drag them over to a limited-access friend category.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl I thought this was a joke poast when I read the title, but congrats on the promotion. +1. Deerstalker hat.
I'm a college student so I'll often walk 5+ minutes across campus on rainy days. In intermittent rain I'll carry a compact umbrella and avoid walking while it's raining. In constant rain I'll wear a mac or Barbour coat and a water repellant wool fedora. The hat's more of a hassle to carry than the umbrella, which I can hang from my school bag, but I prefer it in the rain. Sno-Sealed LL Bean Katahdin Iron Works boots are my default puddle-stompers.
A crude charcoal sketch of your peenis sent by courier would not garner the same response.
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