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You should wear the emperor's new clothes. Edit: Looks like I'm too late. I think bbaquiran had the idea first.
It looks like you're hiding something behind that bottle of rum.
Will the slice of pizza be included?
I doubt RL or any other brands make clothing specifically for these kinds of stores. Unlike at outlet stores, I rarely see more than 2-3 of any single item at these places, usually in huge sizes unless they're clearly from a past or previous season. It wouldn't make sense to design and manufacture a whole line only to sell 2-3 shirts per store. I do think it's likely, though, that when they end up with a run of clothing with quality not meeting their standards, such as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I definitely enjoyed it. And the ending was great. I have high hopes for the season. +1 Quote: Originally Posted by robbie can anyone tell me the outro song? The Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaargh My former girlfriend was kind of insecure and needy but boy did she fuck good. I read needy at first too. Needy > nerdy in bed.
Can anyone confirm whether or not those are shell cordovan please?
I used to wear prescription glasses, but switched to contacts a few months ago and decided to get some sunglasses. I was looking for nicer ones to fit my face too (I need a small temple-to-temple measurement, and that info usually isn't provided) but got a cheap pair ($30 marked down to $6) for a daytime event I'd be attending outdoors. The first day I had them I dropped and sat on them, so I bent them back into shape and dropped the idea of getting a more expensive pair.
My mom once found a meth pipe in the yard and asked me if it was used to smoke weed.
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