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Subscribed. I hope this is not over yet .
I think his main concern is storing them on their sides vs. on their soles.
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Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Curious as to how long people on average spend pondering a post and writing it before clicking the big "Post Reply" button. I think you meant the "Submit new thread" button. Anyway, <1 min. I have to act quickly before anyone else starts a similar DT parody thread.
At any point during the day did you decide to sit bareassed on a white upholstered chair? If not, I've heard better poo stories.
You should wear the emperor's new clothes. Edit: Looks like I'm too late. I think bbaquiran had the idea first.
It looks like you're hiding something behind that bottle of rum.
Will the slice of pizza be included?
I doubt RL or any other brands make clothing specifically for these kinds of stores. Unlike at outlet stores, I rarely see more than 2-3 of any single item at these places, usually in huge sizes unless they're clearly from a past or previous season. It wouldn't make sense to design and manufacture a whole line only to sell 2-3 shirts per store. I do think it's likely, though, that when they end up with a run of clothing with quality not meeting their standards, such as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I definitely enjoyed it. And the ending was great. I have high hopes for the season. +1 Quote: Originally Posted by robbie can anyone tell me the outro song? The Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road
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