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SF being a narcissistic bunch, most of the posts here are about looks rather than health.
Are they talking about these? I remember a kid in grade school had one. I think they sold them at the same liquor store that sold ball point pens shaped like syringes filled with fluorescent liquid (which were then banned from school) and laser pointers. SCROLL WARNING ***NSFW ***: Bewb (with nip)
After reading this thread I started watching a few episodes, beginning from Season 1. It just reminded me how the show was usually not as good as I hoped it would be. I've always liked Alfred Hitchcock Presents, though, so I've started watching that from the beginning now. While watching it on hulu they played an ad for The Outer Limits. I haven't seen an episode yet, but it looks interesting.
[IMG]Pedobear with turban and AK-47[/IMG]
In high school, a lot of the people I actually had classes with senior year voted me "Class Clown," but I ended up winning "Class Quietest" since that's how most other classmates remembered me. I should take one of those personality tests. I'm pretty sure I'll be one of the types you all mentioned.
I think a nice commemorative plaque would do. I'd also frame prints of the FFFFFFUUUUUu- (don't remember if there were 1 or 2) that featured it to hand down to future owners, so its significance to SF will be carried down with it.
My mom does a lot of sewing. Once when I was at their place, I saw that my mom had taken a pair of jeans to show my dad, and they had started laughing. I asked her what that was about, and she showed my that my my cousin had asked her to hem two pairs of jeans with $150 price tags. She couldn't believe it. Then I told her the jeans I was wearing had cost more, and she freaked out. I tried explaining that compared to my cousin's, mine were a great value,...
If it's the original, can you provide a list of its previous owners, tracing back its history back to Conne? This information might also help boost the value of the tie if you ever decide to put it back up on B&S.
I took my pair with me earlier this summer on a backpacking trip through Mexico. I wore the hi-top chucks I took on most days, but I'd wear the boots on rainy days. To end the trip, I stayed a week with family, and wore them almost daily there. Hiking, spelunking, horseback riding, tending to livestock, etc. My cousins and uncles commented on how much they liked them, too. I've been meaning to clean them and reapply Sno Seal, but I've been leaving them at my...
I was hoping this would develop into something of a Pink Attolini Cashmere Tie scale. Still good for a laugh, though.
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