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Haha, funny you should post this. Just last week I received a package, which I had been expecting, but its contents were not what I expected. While under the influence, I decided to pull the trigger on an order of 20-30 items (home bar equipment, actually ). Anyway, I ended up getting some items I hadn't planned for, and leaving out 2 or 3 that I wanted, so I had to make a second order (and pay additional shipping) to complete the set.
Interesting thing about cheap meals and dry beans. I have an aunt who owns a little grocery store in Mexico, where beans have long been a staple. She once pointed out how many poorer families had started eating ramen instead since the much quicker cooking time meant they paid a lot less for natural gas. Nutritionally, though, it's no substitute.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I pay $1/mb on my blackberry data plan, so opening this thread just cost me $8 to view. fuck you! If I bump this thread, will you use your blackberry to see what I replied? Does the blackberry cache the images, or is that another $8?
The reason flights are so expensive this season is that Mexicana, Mexico's biggest airline, filed bankruptcy a few months ago. Destinations are much more limited now, and often require multiple layovers. I did some traveling in Mexico this past summer and my airfare came out to $530 (One-way ticket from SFO to Oaxaca, and another one-way ticket from Guadalajara to SFO a few weeks later.) Christmas is always more expensive, though. I wouldn't rent a car,...
Reviving this thread, but there's good info here so it's better than starting a new one. Anyway, here's a question about throwing an apartment party. How strange would it be to open up a bedroom for more space at a party? I recently moved into a one-bedroom apartment just under 500 sq. ft. There would be music and seating for 6 in the living room, and the kitchen table (which would likely be used for drinking games) seats 6. The bedroom has minimal furniture, and...
CA hasn't issued licenses at the DMV for years, though. I think my previous one came in the mail in about 2 weeks, though that was 4 years ago.
I went to renew my license personally 2-3 weeks ago. They gave me the printout of a temporary license, good for 2 months, and told me it would come in the mail. It hasn't come yet, so I checked their website. They ask that you wait 60 days before calling to inquire about about your license if it doesn't arrive, meaning that even the temporary license will have expired by then. It may have to do with the fact that in August, California replaced its previous drivers...
I'm an engineering student too (Yes, I'm aware of the derailing up there ). Anyway, one solid piece of advice I can give you is to get involved in any active engineering clubs on campus. Start one up if there aren't any. It will help you develop your career in ways classes can't, and then some. I was never the club type, but I transferred to a new school last year and didn't know anybody there, so when I heard a new engineering club was starting up I joined it. It...
The lines are too long! And the prices too high!
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Be careful here. I wore a similar Spiderman outfit a few years ago. It makes pissing and breathing difficult, and drinking impossible. Pretty much a party killer. I hadn't thought about the pissing part, but you're right. I didn't get a chance to buy the fabric for my Kick Ass costume in time, though, so no superhero for me this year. I think I'll go as the Tiger Woods Cigar Guy now.
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