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I'd never wear one casually, but I do have a waterproofed wool one I'll wear with a mac coat or waxed cotton jacket in the rain. It works so much better than a hood or umbrella, especially in windy sideways-rainy conditions. Once or twice I've worn it with a sportcoat at night in cold weather. I've been told I pull it off.
Kopped a few pairs this month. Usually I just add a new pair of chuck highs in a different color to the rotation and proceed to beat them up, but I needed something cleaner. I got a raise at work, so I was feeling spendy and ended up buying three pairs. Then again, it was a 50¢ raise, so still not a baller, lol. $190 total for the three. Puma Benecio in Black/White. They came with black and white laces; I've got them laced in white. Jack Purcells in brown...
Quote: Originally Posted by kurupted Nice, this is exactly what I'm looking for as well. So far from my research, it seems that maybe Uniqlo made in Japan could suit our needs. I've also heard great things about Eternal 881s, which are slow to fade (good) and high quality. Let us know what you decide! (What about RRL low straights?) Hmm, I was itching to jump the gun since I'd heard about Self Edge's sale, but now I think these are what I'm...
Looking for the last pair of jeans I'll ever buy (until moving on to middle-aged dad jeans, anyway). Maybe a slight exaggeration. I'm in my mid-20's and in school for another year or two, but I can't wear jeans to work so they're limited to weekends, running errands, and those days I just need to throw something on to make it to class. I have some 3Sixteen SL-100x's for this purpose, which I wear faded and cuffed, as well as some Levi's 514's. I'd wear the 514's...
I went backpacking in Mexico last summer, with a brand new pair of merlot high-top chucks on my feet and LL Bean Iron Works Boots strapped to my pack. It must be because I've been wearing chucks regularly for a while, but comfort/support is never an issue. I'd wear the chucks on most days, and the boots for hiking, rainy days and horseback riding. The chucks, as well as the 3Sixteen jeans I was wearing, came back beautifully distressed. I'd just given the jeans...
I saw these browsing the Self Edge site before realizing there was a contest and was tempted. The problem is I can't wear jeans to my new job , so they'd probably still be looking new long after the contest ends. Still thinking about them, though. My next pair of jeans could be the last I buy while in my 20's.
So one of the laces on my boots is coming apart. There's a loop of some white nylon filament type material that got through the braided outer sheath. Google showed one place that sells replacement Chippewa laces, hopefully they're the same as what came with the boot.
I like scrambling in some ham (97% fat free) or a 2-3 slices of light salami when they're nearly done cooking. Adds plenty of flavor. Adding in a single yolk never adds enough flavor to be worth it, in my opinion.
Yellow, Red, and Orange are the only ones I normally go with. I did some backpacking through Mexico this summer and would have a Gatorade wherever I could find one, and there was a Lemonade flavor (cloudy yellow color) that was by far the best, but I don't know if it's available here. Mango, Apple, and Strawberry Watermelon were also sold there.
Haha, funny you should post this. Just last week I received a package, which I had been expecting, but its contents were not what I expected. While under the influence, I decided to pull the trigger on an order of 20-30 items (home bar equipment, actually ). Anyway, I ended up getting some items I hadn't planned for, and leaving out 2 or 3 that I wanted, so I had to make a second order (and pay additional shipping) to complete the set.
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