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Save your money and wait for the Samsonite x Thom Browne briefcase to hit the store, that one is a killer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax I agree. I would have more respect for the Original Poster would he mentioned that he would get $10 for every member that signs up and makes a purchase He should know his members are not stupid and while they appreciate the "heads up", they appreciate honesty even more. Then again, 30% off IWC retail (plus tax for me) is not a crazy hot/slick deal. I personally think 30-35% off IWC is a pretty good deal,...
Just wear what you would normally wear. Don't do something that's not "you", or you will end up coming across as trying too hard. Just be you and rock her panties off.
Update: The following are completely sold out! Aquatimer Midsize Portofino Ingenieur Steel blue Portuguese
Hi guys, I just saw this on Hautelook. IWC watches are on sale now on hautelook for 30% off. Here is the link: Models available: Portuguese Aquatimer Vintage Pilot Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by Drydis Greis It would seem the color of the "exposed" material would be a shade lighter than that of the non-exposed thereby negating any possible use for the excess material. Now I could be wrong... I doubt there will be significant change in color, unless I really expose it to the sun or wear the hell out of it (?)
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos It works - you get the weight of a pair of cuffs, but not the outward appearance of them. It only is a bit tricky to do if your pants are markedly tapered. To the other (unhelpful) posters, you guys FAIL. That's my original thought too. And if I want the appearance of a straight hem, I would leave the cuffs folded and sewn inward. But if I want the appearance of cuffs, I can just fold it out and sew...
Since I haven't decided if I want cuffs or not on my suit pants, an idea came up. What if I do inverse cuffs on the pants? Basically, it will be like pants cuffs but folded and sewn inward instead of out. So, I will have a straight hem to start with, and if I want cuffs next season, I can simply turn out the extra materials. Do you think the extra material would affect how the pants drape? How much materials can I leave in before it will affect the drape (if at...
If you are confident enough to wear it, instead of having the suit wearing you, you will definitely stand out from the crowd with a dash of old-school flair.
I agree, they should measure you from the ground up. I see the point of asking for a shirt that fits to get an idea of the style you are looking for, but that shouldn't be the basis of the new shirt. A bespoke shirt means selecting the fabric, getting measured, and getting fitted. Not getting a shirt copied.
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