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Quote: Originally Posted by Leonard Leroy I was going to tailor the trench, but I've been wearing it enough to decide that I like it as is. Very nice, I like this look.
Haha I liked Robbies last photo
Quote: Originally Posted by ML123 Wearing this around the house today... John Galliano hoodie D&G jeans Hehe like the pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by single speed Prana DSQ2 Timberland Nice outfit, and again love the tats.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neofinitia This is very cool. Virtually anything you wish it to be. It was perfect for the rain. Thursday: CDGxHM blazer, Zara vest, Brioni shirt, vintage wool tie, Rag&Bone trousers with braces, JM Weston captoes I like the vest nice outfit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Snaggles Ok, we're good. thrifted volcom shirt 511s converse I half wonder what you are looking at... jk. Nice pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by single speed couldn't decide on which way to go? any suggestions? or did i FAIL? vintage/BR houndstooth flannel/vintage/Gap cords/CH Eh I like it. And again nice tats!
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Jacket: Beams Scarf: United Arrows Gloves: Katherine Hamnett Pants: CN Shoes: Y-3 Bag: Ferragamo EDIT: Due to resounding protest (haha, j/k) I've changed the sneakers and went with the boots pictured below.) Nice Jacket. Though I think it would be a bit nicer if it didn't have the huge front pockets on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma Just for clarification, I only hate him because he's black. ROFL
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 x post from MMM thread. T is from FW08 Jacket from SS09 Nice outfit. I like how you made everything match.
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