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If you have been working 12 hour days since you were 12 you are more of a slave laborer than a spoiled brat, so trying to portray yourself as such would be a indefensible affectation.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS One evening earlier this week I was out to dinner with clients, Mr. & Mrs. X. As we were walking into the restaurant, Mrs. X ran her hand down the sleeve of my coat and asked "Where did you get this jacket? I think Averil has one exactly like it. I'm sorry ... I know you well enough ... I just have to ask." Her choice of words indicated to me that she realized she was being forward (via the apology) ... but she felt...
I would also be interested in this
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier If I purchase custom shirts, no one else needs to know. If I want them to be monogrammed for the sake of not having them confused at the cleaners, then a discrete place, e.g. tail, inside by tag, or breast, where it's covered by my jacket. It's just tacky, otherwise. Do you honestly think people are looking at your cuff / care? You are taking this way to seriously. It's cool if you need to feel superior...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier That. Is. Awful. And he was so proud of it too... Why did everyone lie to him and tell him it looked good? That was horrific.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier +1. It's like wearing a clapboard that says: "Hey ASSHOLE. Yeah, this shirt is CUSTOM. What, you got yours at JC Penny? Ha! I wipe my ass shirts that cost more than yours. I bet your suit isn't bespoke, either! Ha. Plebeian!" Tacky. Like having a brand name emblazoned all over your outfit. Insecure much. Who even thinks about things like that?
Quote: Originally Posted by up1bin I don't care for monogramming, so I don't want it to be seen. But I'm just curious to know why one would get monogramming at all if it cannot be seen? Is it so that you can find it if it gets lost? So they have a justification in their minds to look down on others who don't do it the same way they do obviously. Which is why this pretentiousness is even tackier.
I like them and have been complimented on it multiple times by people who have noticed. I think the hidden monogram is tacky as it is such a pretentious affectation.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Chances are that you look just as ridiculous in them as you claim the detractors do - my assumption is that you look like as big a douchebag as you behave on this forum. Sorry you can't pull it off
I wear bowties, velvet blazers and ascots. Just because you look ridiculous in said items don't knock them.
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