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Quote: Originally Posted by Doug C Thanks for the info..... SO it has a drawstring? And is the hood stored inside the collar or what? What color did you get... I've been considering the orange but not sure if I could pull it off. Anyway, I'm 5'/10.5" tall and about 178lbs - you think medium or large for me? Yes, it's got a drawstring, and yes, the hood is stored inside the collar. I was thinking about the orange, but went with the green. It's a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doug C I was wondering the same, wouldn't have hesitated if it had a hood and drawstring waist.... anyone ? Just got mine today, it has both. The hood is a bit flimsy, no insulation, just the nylon shell. I'm 5'11" 155lbs. and the small fits just about perfect for me.
Stopped by the Bean outlet by my parent's house, and they had a pair of Katahdin's for $75. If only they were 11 instead of 11.5.
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon if you would read two posts up... Ah, sorry. I stopped reading after the first sentence.
Anyone know if the outlet stores carry the extra slim fit? Heading to the parents for Thanksgiving, and they've got an outlet in their town.
Quote: Originally Posted by DCU Yeah, I might consider that. I just wanted some basics for layering and liked the 1x1 rib knit crewneck better. I already bought it in the charcoal colorway. This one?
Quote: Originally Posted by ceej sizing down with skinny guys is definitely possible though, I'm a true 32 and these are the elephant skinnies in a 31, fit snug but not too tight. They should stretch a decent amount too. Yours seem to have much more of an indigo color than mine. Mine look almost straight black, though after soaking they seem to have lightened up a bit. Can't tell for sure until they're dry, though.
Got my elephant selvedge SkinnyGuys today, pretty amped. Went TTS, and I'm pretty happy with the fit. Color comparison (L to R: 2 year old APC NC, 2 month old APC PS, and the elephants) The color is a really dark grey, which I honestly don't mind.
I'm trying my hardest to not walk down to carytown and buy a pair of those Tellasons.
Quote: Originally Posted by Harrington The leather DBs stretch decently, though the suede definitely expand more in my experience. That said, I don't ever remember either kind being painful on me, at any stage, and like you both my pairs are the same size. If you're confident in the sizing overall - if the next half-size up was definitely too big - then a rubdown with mink oil will soften them up and break them in more easily. Edit: Just don't go...
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