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Ok. Back in the closet they go!
I have some stuff in black that I've been wearing, but I figured I'd try something new. Where might one wear these type of shoes to and with what?
I've had these shoes in my closet for years and never wore them. Put them on today with my Dockers alphas in "dark pebble", but I'm not sure what to wear on top if lets say I were to go out clubbing in those. What would look nice and what colors?
Quote: Originally Posted by max_r possibly carol christian powell Lol
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Those may be called sneakers if I recall correctly. Ok. Back to my question..
No idea what the name of these sneakers is. Who can help me out?
*wrong Section Sorry*
Hey guys up for sale are like new April 77 Joey Colordrive Grey pants in size 33, they are in excellent condition! I bought these from a member on superfuture a week ago, if you would like to know who give me a PM. The reason why I'm selling them is because they are a little tight on me, I was originally looking for 34, but gave 33 a shot and as you can see now it didn't work out. Please don't let the low amount of posts discourage you from buying, I am 100%... I've been trying to find these and I think they're the 2834s 95/58 Persols, but I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm?
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