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Why suggest any high end shoes the Op can't find on sale for $200-$250?
RARELY WORN RL Lindrick shell cordovan wingtip ton (made by C&J). Comes with box and bags. Free conus shipping fits like a 11.5US
Who is "We"? I welcome his comments.
They look cheap
Double monkstrap in crocodile. From the standard line of Meccariello-Calzoleria
If you fold correctly, the suits and shirts will easy fit. Five pairs of shoes is pushing it? I hope they are not size 12 or larger?http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-pack-a-suit-for-a-business-trip-2013-6
Nobody from Valparaiso is a "big player" in Indiana government
Milan straws from Optimo
Very nice!! Did you get this from The Optimo in Chicago?
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