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Edward Green green suede Chartwell monkstrap
received these today (from a SF member) Edward Green green suede Chartwell monkstrap
Edward Green "Chartwell"
It's hard to beat Sutor Mantellassi footwear on sales for less than $500. There are plenty of styles to pick from.
I'll take the EGs
Gently used?
I say yes. I only buy premium, but never at full retail. Usually at 50%-75% off retail.
The quality of Church's today don't compare with their quality 10 years ago, let alone 30 years. Bally's Scribe is one of the top RTW shoes.If you are lucky you can find them NIB on ebay and maybe their outlet stores for $350-$500.
Saint Crispin for Leatherfoot
Was it included with your statement?
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