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Ron Rider was the US rep for RM. Maybe he will chime in and discuss the differences in the various makers of exotic footwear. The shoes that retail for less than $1500 are not the same in quality at the $3K+ footwear.
Go up 1/2 a size??
Are you near a Gucci outlet store!! Don't pay full price for fashion sneakers. You can always find them on sale some place.
Velasca https://www.velasca.com/en/category/31-shoes
post them in the buy/sell section
I listed some shoes for $99 and $7.99 shipping cost. I accepted $85 and $7.99 for shipping. Two days after the sell I get emailed from the buyer. Now he asking me to agree to $80 and free shipping. The real cost for me to ship the shoes is $15. This is my 5th hard luck or give me a deal story the year. All these buyers are begging for deals after they click the buy button. Nothing in their history indicates they don't want to pay?????
This shoe with the dark brown suede was a lovely shoe. It was on my "buy list" for this year Is it still available?
You must not be playing jazz? Being a shoe freak myself, I always checkout the footwear. Usually I'm sitting upfront near the stage. I rarely see any SF approved footwear.
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