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No polish will protect the soles. They are called driving shoes, not walking shoes. They are made to drive in, then walk a short distance to and from your car Can you post a photo of you with those shoes?
You should be talking to Nordstrom?
true to size fit??
Not gay, but would wear the hell out of that scarf
visit "steetwear and denim" for pictures and where more folks discuss wearing work boots as casual wear http://www.styleforum.net/f/13/streetwear-and-denim
Green Green
nothing cheap about blake rapid construction. When done correctly, it's just as good as goodyear. You have confused blake with blake rapid.
true to size?
If lucky, you can still find some good purple label stuff. But when the high end factory stores (RL, Saks, Neimans, etc.) started to out number their retail stores. That's when the cheap stuff started creeping in.
$640 retail?? at the Gucci factory stores you can get 2 pair for that or less. I not sure that top plates will help?
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