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The pairs I have are about the same quality of C&J hand-grade. I paid for NIB $225 to $275. I would never pay more than $350 and yes the website is horrible.
Those are nice!! How old are they? Cole Haan hasn't made shoes like this in years/
Define big bucks?? Not all are horrible. The skull and crossbones medallion on the toe is really low key in appearance.
Very poor design and quality. Looks like a bunch of random pieces sewed together to make a shoe:confused:
They use to ship to the US?Thanks for replying
Not a post this year from Uncle???
Has anybody lately (last 2 years) been able to get seconds from the factory? I got no reply from the email address I used 3 years ago. Thanks,
These are Cole Haan Bragano from the late 80s. Maybe $225 to $250 retail?
Those are Cole Haan from the late 80s to the early 90s. I wear a 11.5
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