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from the shoe snob
Myhabit has some TF suits that have the traditional fit http://www.myhabit.com/?mkwid=sFuuXdCEX_dc|pcrid|49328984193|pkw|my%20habit|pmt|e#page=b&old=[object Object]&dept=men&subpage=Glance&isFullGlance=false&scope=b2&sale=A10NJM6A1UR62X&ref=qd_d_bc_b&ref=qd_d_bc_b
That style used to be called a "Jazz shoe". Google men's dress Jazz shoes
Brook Brothers Black Fleece designed by Thom Browne and made by Crockett and Joneshttp://www.brooksbrothers.com/CALFSKIN-OXFORDS/FH00014,default,pd.html?dwvar_FH00014_Color=BLCK&contentpos=6&cgid=1601
Who are you trying fool? I know you don't live in a normal setting
try the Meermin navy or green suede loafers http://meermin.es/catalogo.php?idFamilia4=4&idFamilia3=1
Why were you paying $340?? He listed them for $325 and there was nothing stated about best offer?
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