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Any known RL boots made by Viberg??
badass from Sutor Mantellassi. Not sold in the states????
I have purchased several hats from you in the past. I'm down the road in Naptown. I'm looking some 7 3/8's????Thanks,
Which boots are made by Viberg??Thanks,
Most of my Dreambox shoes had price increases??? All items are at least 2 month old.
http://www.factoryoutletstores.info/kentucky/the-outlet-shoppes-of-the-bluegrass/gucci.htmlOutside of Louisville Ky
11.5 must be rare and hard to get??
Saint C
Gucci factory store has a look-a-like for around $4200 and that had been selling for $8400 in the factory storethey came in green or maroon
Are you in Fort Wayne??
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