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If lucky, you can still find some good purple label stuff. But when the high end factory stores (RL, Saks, Neimans, etc.) started to out number their retail stores. That's when the cheap stuff started creeping in.
$640 retail?? at the Gucci factory stores you can get 2 pair for that or less. I not sure that top plates will help?
Any known RL boots made by Viberg??
badass from Sutor Mantellassi. Not sold in the states????
I have purchased several hats from you in the past. I'm down the road in Naptown. I'm looking some 7 3/8's????Thanks,
Which boots are made by Viberg??Thanks,
Most of my Dreambox shoes had price increases??? All items are at least 2 month old.
http://www.factoryoutletstores.info/kentucky/the-outlet-shoppes-of-the-bluegrass/gucci.htmlOutside of Louisville Ky
11.5 must be rare and hard to get??
Saint C
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