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US11.5 medium is what size for Vass U-last? Thanks,
I have a black pair and and a tortoise pair. My 3rd pair is a kind of a mixture of the first 2 pairs I having clear Rx lens put in this frame. PS. not for the office
What do you think about their footwear? http://www.youfootwearshop.com/?post_type=product more info http://blog.needsupply.com/2013/08/28/introducing-you-footwear/
What ever happened to olddog/oldtrix ? Thanks,
You got those size 12s! I had been watching them and the price was perfect. I wear a size 11.5 and I just could not make up my mind.
retail store or outlet store? Why not return shoes for another pair?
photos of the suits now in your closet?? Old SF saying " pictures are in didn't happen"
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