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Yes, they are nice!!
In reviewing last year's orders. I noticed I got a large amount of low priced (w/free shipping) items in Sept.
Nice enough to wear today!! President Harry Truman's gator spectators These brown alligator and white suede captoe spectators were made by Nettleton Syracuse, NY where the company produced shoes from 1879 to 1984. The welt is very finely stitched and the heel is fastened with brass nails. Overall, an exquisite pair of spectators.
Terry Corbett Goodyear Welted Handmade to Order shoes. Handmade??
Which shoes are you trying to buy? I don't think any of the shoes featured here are for sell? Check the BUY & SELL sectionhttp://www.styleforum.net/f/6654/buying-and-selling/-filter-/RmlsdGVyJTVCdHlwZSU1RCU1QjElNUQvMS9GaWx0ZXIlNUJ0eXBlJTVEJTVCMiU1RC8xL0ZpbHRlciU1QnR5cGUlNUQlNUI0JTVELzEvRmlsdGVyJTVCdHlwZSU1RCU1QjUlNUQvMS9GaWx0ZXIlNUJzdGF0ZSU1RCU1Qk9wZW4lNUQvMS9GaWx0ZXIlNUJjYXRlZ29yeVRhZyU1RC8xMTUzMTEvRmlsdGVyJTVCb3JkZXJfYnklNUQvQ2xhc3NpZmllZC5idW1wX2F0L3BhZ2UvMA%2C%2C
Not lizard , not a exotic skin , and not new.
Testoni use to make some very good shoes. Lots of junk now floating around. If you search, you can still find some of the better made shoes.http://www.pelleline.com/A_Testoni_Shoes_40281_caramel_Lace_Up/pid-4277.html
Wow! I'm surprised. Been using it for a few years and never had any problems at all.
who made these?
How can Goodyear welted shoes be sold as handmade?
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