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good price for new spectators by Crockett and Jones for Paul Stuart http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAUL-STUART-SHOES-PERFORATED-WING-TIP-OXFORDS-BROWN-BEIGE-BRAND-NEW-SIZE-9-D-/291263037394
Mac,You have a beautiful collection of hats and you wear them well. I noticed that none of you hats have wind cords?? You don't like them?
C&J for RL
As soon as you are old enough to drive
Nice combo and love the shoes!!!
Need help finding a shop in the Chicago area to replace the zipper on a leather duffle bag? Thanks,
Pony skin and suede loafers from 80s or early 90s. Limited production, this pair is #7 of 36 pairs. Tiger of Sweden made decent shoes back then. This pair had pull tags long before Thom Browne was selling shoes
In the 60s kangaroo leather was used for some styles from Stacey Adams. They wore well and lasted forever
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