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The boots by Barker look nice
Maybe they made a pricing error? The boots did sellout
Maybe they made a mistake yesterday??? The boots did sellout:puzzled:
They are good for nothing. But if they are 11.5, I can get rid of them for you? PS: I will pay for shipping
RL Levon Suede-Leather Boots
RL Levon Suede-Leather Boot $795 retail now $319 minus 40% = $191 http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=101694226&cp=2943767.54937096&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_allshoes&s=A-UnitRank&pg=2&parentPage=family
Handmade Buday navy suede boots
Buday from Hungary (per Ed) Handmade
Buday (from Ed)
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