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Pony skin and suede loafers from 80s or early 90s. Limited production, this pair is #7 of 36 pairs. Tiger of Sweden made decent shoes back then. This pair had pull tags long before Thom Browne was selling shoes
In the 60s kangaroo leather was used for some styles from Stacey Adams. They wore well and lasted forever
What year was that? I got the first hat Sept 01. Got another one year later and I think it jumped up to $375?? I just priced a hat in blue and depending on fabric it was $650 or $1000
Talking about a period of time. The other day I came across the receipt for the first hat I got from Optimo. It was for $349!
define affordable to you?
That hat is awesome Thanks Mac,
Mac,Do you have this hat in navy?? If so, please post pics.Thanks,
Are you sure you want to wear black&ivory spectators in the middle of the winter?
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