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C&J Aintree handgrades UK10/US11 $275 BIN
It's very common to move from a firm to a client. In firms where one aligns with an industry, even as a generalist you may have interesting options provided your projects have given you exposure to an interesting function or initiative. For example, mobile is a hot topic across many industries, and if you've been involved with a strategic mobile initiative in a prominent company, you'll be an attractive hire to your client and its competitors.
How did I miss this!
Black, double-gusset briefcase by Tusting, made in England. $150 shipped CONUS; international buyers, PM me for shipping rate. Measurements: 15.75" x 11" x 4.5". On the Tusting web site, only the triple-gusset version is currently listed: [URL=]Link[/URL]
Nice SC -- of what material is it made?
Quote: Originally Posted by juliette2000 Your auction? No, just passing it along
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain I have found that portfolio size is more useful than the large pouch size like that guy in the pic. My Glenroyal folder is too large to look right, its near art portfolio size. At that level you might as well have a handle on it look at most of the offerings by Daines and SAB are the right size. that Eton is spot on +1 Anyone interested in a portfolio should look at this...
Quote: Originally Posted by kxk how? the opportunity just popped up?. I worked at one of the top firms in NYC, and several of my former colleagues made the transition from MC to I-banking. Of course, this was reasonable given that we were all part of the financial services practice and had relevant knowledge of the capital markets. The best opportunities arose through personal networks, then recruiters. Quote: Originally...
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