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Tie is 83% silk and 17% cotton, jacket wool and linen. 28°C today so summery was necessary.
Soho suits down from 349 € to 189 €. Various sportcoats from 229 € to 99 €.
They have the suit I dream of... and it's available in just only 4 sizes too big, surely my tailor can fix that Kidding aside, I've just bought 2 Soho suits, a Boston suit and a Washington sport coat. Those prices are unreal! But now I'm so decked out in DB suits I'll probably never again buy one... well... but then... let's see what's in the F/W collection
Didn't shoot in quite a while. Today I pulled out the filter system and went to the rhine. Unbenannt von Philipp Abele auf Flickr Unbenannt von Philipp Abele auf Flickr
Damn is that referee awful. Hopefully final will be nothing like that.
Does someone know if all the suitsupply pants which are available are cut the same? I have two Lazio suits which have pants I actually enjoy wearing so I wondered if their regular pant offering is cut identical.
Love some of the outfits so far. Really shows how versatile even knit ties can be paired. Me today. It was still warm so opted for linen shirt. It's obviously a suit so lower half looks the same + brown captoe oxfords. Still have no grenadine ties, never seen one in a store around here.
Spending the week at a convention in Vegas. Dresscode is business casual but I've already seen my fair share of shorts + T-Shirt guys.As usually, colors are somewhat off in the smartphone selfies. Should have brought my camera.Details and better color accuracy [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the help. Obviously could have figured that out myself, but when you tap the shipping location on the iPad you get the pop-up window with the cost overview that you'd get on mouse over with a PC. Dumb.Now that's weird, can't remember when I've seen clothes cheaper in EU than US the last time. The Lazio sells for 299 € / 408 US$, La Spalla for 699 € / 954 US$ and the shirt for 79 € / 108 US$ here, so in general roughly 50 US$ cheaper for the suits and 20 for the...
It's a rather light but slightly rough textured fabric, also the color is very rich and perhaps not dark enough for more formal occasions so it would depend. As I'm banished to the European SuSu website, could one of the nice 'mericans on here tell what the prices are for stuff like this in US$? (I guess if you click the EU links from the US, you'll get forwarded to the US...
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