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For me that's a biggy. I think the general quality of work is a point. We work in open offices because it's company philosophy of openness and transparency which sucks a bit but we have really comfy quality chairs, good office material (some colleagues got those tables that you can extend so you can work standing for a bit). Then I'm also a sucker for flexible working time, typically I come to the office between 10 and 11am if I have no meetings and then stay till 7 or...
I hate you guys. First it's about lifting and I feel inferior because I can only lift small weights, a fork or a glass of rum... then it's about rice cookers and I feel inferior because I have no rice cooker... now it's about those jobs again and I feel inferior because I can't see 160k in my career path... I studied Information Systems / Business Informatics and got into an industrial company which has a portfolio of software / saas based Added Value offerings around...
I'm at Intermediate at basically every lift out of these that I do. I expected Novice at best, seeing how I lift like a small, sickly girl.Regarding the sugar thing... I checked my MyFitnessPal. When I cut on lowcarb it's 5-20g, when I eat normal it's 30 - 80g a day except for that one day I found that I obviously slightly pigged out at 280g
I always want to lift harder (which is easy to do at my sissy weights) but I never want to bulk, just get more cut/veiny. On the other hand I have a friend that never wants to cut. I guess we make a rather unaesthetic duo
Feels like. But it's a private owned one. The owner really knows his stuff but he's not dumb and markets it in exactly the right way to cater to the slightly older and those who are willing to spend a bit more. Only thing that really bothers me is the lack of a squat rack, therefore I've actually considered to make a basement gym, too.Wow, that really sucks. Getting your own stuff obviously is the right choice.
Just curious, is there no nearer gym or did you stick to one that crazy far for a specific reason? Gym I go to is shit (actually they call it a fitness club, no squat rack, no dropping stuff, no being loud) but it's only 1.7 miles away which is as convenient as it gets. Plus all the people who are afraid to sweat don't actually occupy the fun stuff.
I'm doing that Candito 6 week strength program which I heard is quite good even. So far it's a lot of fun as I don't have to use ze brainz and only look at the Excel. Just finished week 3 and will probably run into problems sticking to the plan once I fly to vacation on Friday. Somehow my strength drops massively when lifting in 30°C combined with long nights out and way too much booze. The GF said she'll come to the gym with me so I have the goal of not pigging out...
I've sold the 5D III with the L primes for the Fuji X-T1 out of portability reasons. Got the 14 2.8, 23 1.4 and 35 1.4 for it and a Samyang 85 1.4 which is a breeze to focus with the amazing EVF. I didn't test yet how the X-T1 works with the current Lightroom 5.x but when using my 4.6 back when I had the X-E1 you really have to change the workflow, especially when it comes to sharpening. When printing you probably won't really see a difference, only when pixel...
If it's like the Lazio in blue birds eye (http://eu.suitsupply.com/de_DE/suits/lazio-blau-birds-eye-muster/P3675.html?vpid=P367504) it's way too warm for summer. And for me it looks quite comparable. But I think a few pages back someone had that suit or at least tried it.
Ok, with the risk to sound ridiculous: I've just switched from Zercher squats to back squats and I find the pain where the bar lies on my back really uncomfortable, i.e. I even get a bruised stripe on my back over the traps. Am I too sissy and this is just how it is, will this go away with time or can I do something to improve the base for the squats?
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