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I like how the tower is reflecting in the puddle in the first shot. Very nice. Got my Ilford FP4 from the lab back. Actually rather satisfied with the result, especially as they've only charged 5€. But it's super tough to nail focus at f/1.9 with a 645 camera. I'm surprised that actually most exposures were good (enough), looks like the lightmeter app for Android is not too bad.
No matter what kind of pants, if they have belt loops I wear a belt... otherwise it just looks like you forgot the belt, not like you intentionally skipped it.
Thanks A Y. Ok, I've an appointment for night photography today but we couldn't come up with anything to shoot (without driving 1 hour) so I went to the city to shoot some portraits with a friend. I've also shot some frames with the Mamiya on Ilford FP4 but don't know yet when I'll finally manage to get the film full. PS: Is there actually any way to prevent Flickr from oversharpening everything you upload?
Haven't been taking any pictures since months. Forced my lazy ass outside today to go for a walk around sundown.
I actually like the Loake Aldwych quite a lot, it's a rather sleek last in my opinion. And listen to Stiva, oxfords will probably be closer to what you want than a derby. But then it also depends on your shoe size. I wear EU 40 / 41 so everything will look rather subtle.
Lately I barely get to photograph. Tonight I went out to film a bit, all muda. Well, you can't win everyday. 1 acceptable shot though. The moon was awesome today.
Skate pic in post #3991 looks great. I like the tones with the low contrast, fits all nicely together. A while ago I've sold my Fuji X100 because the autofocus just didn't cut it for the way I like to use my camera... shortly later I've regretted it and bought a X100s. What should I say, the difference is day and night. Friggin awesome camera! Here are some examples. First is ISO 1250 which is a piece of cake for the X100s. Second one is absolutely at the limit. Shot at...
I've used the first sunny weekend of this summer to try to shoot some animals in the garden. Definitively could use more length than 200mm.
Does the t2i do RAW Video? It has only SD Cards which are quite slow compared to CF. I don't think it will be able to record RAW in 1080p24, in the 5DIII you need around 80mb/s I think, the SD card slot in a t2i probably only makes around 35mb/s. As I read last time, only 5DII and III will be able to record the 1080p24 in RAW due to the limiting hardware.Did you consider a Panasonic GH2? I heard it's one of the best hybrids. I'm no fan of Canon APS-C, they are so crazy far...
I've edited in Adobe Premiere Elements. I tried out daVinci Resolve but it's so complex, I didn't manage to do anything in it. In the future I want to use a different Picture Style to have more latitude for color grading, I was hitting the wall quite fast with this one.I'm having a close eye on the developments. I've watched a 2,5k movie recorded in RAW with a anamorphic lens, it was quite impressive. But currently I don't see how I could adapt to the storing space...
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