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Unfortunately I think there's nothing so cruel or despisable that man wouldn't do it.
Do you have a pic from behind? I think doodledoc is right, it might be too short in length which is a bigger deal breaker in my personal opinion.
True. Gym works against anything. For the first time I had too much stim though... VPX Meltdown + VPX WhiteHeat + PES whatever the thing with Forskolin is on empty stomach = massive puking. Still made it through the whole workout. Somehow I can't take Forskolin on an empty stomach.Fuji Is that, like, the bronx of London where you stay? Sounds scary as fuck for a village guy like me, all I see is ferrets fucking.Going to see the Swiss national day fireworks today and will...
I need to date her... allows you tell everybody "bro, my girlfriend lifts more than you!". My diet is going... not that good. Kinda. Still 2kg too much for sixpack abs and only 2 weeks left, I'll do IF with LowCarb at once. Water weight counts, after all I'll be at the beach so it's only about looks. On the other hand I ate more ice cream and chocolate lately than in a long time. Lost my female bestie for starting dating someone. Makes me want to eat even more ice cream....
Not accurate at all, there's a big variance of measurements even within the same fit/cut.
The jacket is too short and that pants look too tight in the seat, not a good combination taken together except if you try to get groped
You might want to keep in mind that prices between these three will vary quite a bit because you're looking at three different currencies. I haven't been to the one in Zürich so far for the sole reason that a suit that costs you 299 € (~334 US$) in the EU zone will cost you 399 CHF (~426 US$) there.
That was a total joke. Got in, found stuff I like... Transmission Error... 5 min website no reachable... get in again, everything already gone.
I didn't get any pussy in exchange for having abs but I got indeed drunk a lot and went balls deep on my ice cream consumption (heat wave in this region is bonkers, we've had 40°C on Sunday). Booked vacation in the Caribbean for August so I have to fucking cut AGAIN Luckily I've only gained 2kg since the end of the RHET Shreddz.
haha yeah ok, obviously those brands spread over quite a bit of field when it comes to price and even on discount we're looking at 50-100% surcharge over SuSu MTM but I'm really curious if any of these will give me a better fit.
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