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Why not get yoga pants, I hear they accomodate the butt quite well. Then make Instagram channel, advertise detox and get famous, bish. Might want to invest into a book full of motivational quotes first though.I'm always kinda surprise how tough it's to get a really nice tshirt. 99% is crap and that 1% is like 60 € for a fucking plain, black or white cottong shirt which is not exactly a good deal I think.
Could also be the pro-tip about what to do when clubbingArms fucking don't grow. I'll train them now daily, fuck it, let's see what happens. 3 sets bis and tris each on leg day, 6 each on chest day. Can't be worse than nothing.Broke up with gf after 13 months, fuck this shit! Super motivated to get ripped now for our 01.06. challenge... because coincidentially I was asked if I was available to go on business trip to Las Vegas 01. - 04.06.
Totally this. I only started to do any sports when I was 28 and chubby all my life. Will have taken me 2 years of lifting this summer to hit 310 lbs x 3 for deadlift (equals 2 x bodyweight). I think most people who never did anything athletic will need at least 6 months to get somewhat into shape and learn the technics.In addition most people who start out looking like a cupcake will primarily focus on getting their pant size down and not go on that bulking routine.
http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=166800451Already 91 pages of Lulz and cringeworthy moments
Haha no, I have a girlfriend. But the entertainment factor is unbelievable. It also shows why mankind will hopefully soon go extinct. Who in hell sends nudes to a stranger? The trolling is gold though, especially the amount of misc related lingo.Love how that one dude sends pics of his ass/thighs in compression shorts, all the kids going crazy until he send his smiling, bearded face. Looks like squats can destroy dreams.
Got addicted to the newest misc virus, being to use Fling to troll people and try to score nudes. Unbelievable how whole hours out of ones day can just disappear. On the positive side I have optimized my selfie technique on how to highlight my poverty abs.
That would actually be funnier if this was about bulking and we'd all be chubby as hell."Stop fat shaming, you insensitive sloots with ties!"
Abs in addition (hanging leg raise + pike & roll out on swiss ball a few times a week). I don't think compound exercises are sufficient, but then I'm too fat to really judge.I used to have Westone UM1 and the fit on these was incredible, now I own Sony XBA-H1 and take the cable over the ears like it was done with the Westone (so using the Sonys upside down) and take the cable over the back for everything but squats.But that said, I prefer not to listen to music when going...
Calf implants? Sounds solid. New ass, not so much...
Just finished preparing 2.5kg of meatballs. I always make them 100g each so they are perfect to dose. Guess they'll suffice for a few days, no unnecessary thoughts about what to do for dinner and no shitty food for lunch in the cantina.
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