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As he said. I live close to Basel and there are also some dedicated vegetarian and vegan restaurants. It's not really that "everything is schnitzel" lifestyle that many Germans show abroad.
Three weeks done with PSMF. All lifts still at the same level but 4kg down in weight and clearly way more definition, mainly in the shoulder/arm and abs area. One week to go, a total of 2kg more to lose probably. But my real deadline is in August so super easy after the PSMF. After sticking super strictly and just adding 500g of carbs on my last two refeed Saturdays we went a bit more lenient today and went to the Street Food Festival in Basel. Had a mini Seitan burger...
Thanks a lot, that was really interesting. I probably permanently struggle on the stress and (good quality) sleep. I heard meditation would be a way to get a grip on that? In related notes, after not managing to actually start my cut (3 months behind time plan) and still ~ 6kg too lose by end of July the latest, I decided to go potato and do PSMF (How to lose your gainz in 30 days for dummies ) to kick it off and then go into a moderate diet. 10 days in so far, sticking...
If GoldStandard Whey is "good enough" for you, you can get that probably in any country in Europe and have it shipped within 24h via Amazon where they operate. ... or you shank a meathead on his way to the gym and steal his shaker. Your choice.
I'm poor so nearly everything I own is Suitsupply... still contemplating to one day go MTM. Polos are Kent Wang, you can get those RTW (roughly like RL SlimFit) or MTM.
RHET to zee help! I exercise close to three years (started late with 28 after being chubby and crazy weak all my life), my lifts are pathetic (deadlift 1RM was 215% bodyweight and bench 130% bodyweight) and I probably have very unfortunate genetics. No roids obviously. I'm struggling with training in regards to making progress. I've gained 6kg within 1 year while keeping a ~5 times a week workout schedule. I ate in surplus but didn't really track macros besides keeping...
I made 2.5kg of chili garlic meat balls once... that was 5 days of lunch & dinner meatballs... wanting to kill yourself is part of the game.According to Eddie Izzard you need a flag to claim things, not sure the towel qualifies.Our gym (ok, it's a fitness club) has no squat rack so the options are to smith machine squat or leg press. I refuse that and use the barbell rack as a zercher squat rack... it's not like these "cardio is life" fitness people need it too much anyway.
If I fuck up my time schedule I do 2 days of the Candito program in one which gives me squats, deadlift, bench, pullup, military press, barbell row... if I'm still alive (or took enough caffeine to think I'm alive) I'll add some chin ups, dips or face pulls.
Same for me. Was training 4 times in this year and at my times it was exactly the same people as usually. I expected a bit of a rush, especially seeing how the gym handed out these "bring a friend for 6 times in 3 weeks" vouchers late December. I'm not gonna complain.
Just finished my 10 day PSMF in time to go to Alsace and indulge like there's no tomorrow. Been to "La fourchette des ducs" and blew basically a month's food budget for a dinner with the gf, but then 2 Michelin stars, was clearly worth the money. Between 5 meals in those 3 days had courses including 1 x frog legs, 4 x foie gras, 2 x truffle, all kinds of things which once had a face and waaaay too much wine. I was just simply incapable to go back to dieting after this...
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