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I'll probably take my contest pic this week as I've already started to reverse diet to slowly bulk and already lost definition in my abs since I eat carbs again since a week. I hope I'll be less moody and with more power again quickly. But personal goal reached, first time in my life have visible abs and have them for my 30th birthday
If that would have been the reason she made the strawberry cake you should come over more often
Doesn't count as HIIT if it's only one single 30sec interval.I went full potato on my diet the last 4 days. My mom made strawberry creme cake. Got wicked drunk from little booze on Saturday (half bottle Pinot Grigio, 3 glasses Lagavulin 16, 2 RustyNail) and then ate 3 complete bars of Lindt chocolate. I think the shame and bad concious from that weekend will keep me on track until 01.06.
Knees too pointy, 4/10 ... I mean I'd have sex with her... I mean with tesseract... I mean wait what!? Yesterday I've been told I can't bring my own Nalgene OTF bottle to the gym (which I explicitly bought because I hate straw bottles) but have to use one of their hamster bottles with that fucked up "straw opening". So I was moody as fuck the whole work out and I'm back to not drinking anything while I'm at the gym. That kind of canceled out the mellowing effect that...
Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants... cleaned the whole apartment yesterday super deep, woke up to fucking ants in my bedroom... hundreds... apparently there is a gap into the brick bellow the deco bar where the floor meets the wall next to my bed. Gave them the spray treatment, probably killed 500 by now, will buy a trap tomorrow and buy silicon to seal up the crack. Congrats, TeeKay.
Mirin hard! So 01.06. will be TeeKay vs Fuji, Tesseract vs GN... and us rest at least remotely trying to look like we lift.That's motivating though. I plan on winning in 2019 then I've started to super slowly reverse diet. 50kcal more is quite a few peanuts haha.Yesterday I woke up 5am and until I arrived at the gym at 9pm I've probably reached 1000mg caffeine through the whole day. 0 power, I was just grinding out all the exercises. So the question is: better stay home...
What is now the up to date version of this? The date is 1st June I think and what is all the rest currently?
My body (or more likely brain) felt the imminent cheat day and had to earn it. Today I tried my 1RM on deadlift and pulled 308 lbs at 152 lbs body weight. Finally came over the 2xBW point. I might have pulled a wee bit more but didn't feel like stretching luck. That was actually my goal for June. So yes. I'm still weak sauce but I'm happy I'm making progress while cutting.
To distract us all from the fact that GN already has abs 5 weeks out from the contest while we don't... I need a cheat day or I'll go loco. So Saturday shall be the piggening, the eat-a-palooza of carbs... what I have so far is dinner which will be self-made fajitas with that deadly instant fajita spice (18g carbs in 30g spice) and late night snack will be 250g Ben&Jerry's (probably Chunky Monkey). Originally lunch was going to be tuna, cheese and cucumber but if I go...
Yeah. I'm not yet convinced I need detox tea or a "waist trainer"... Instagram fitness is a massive scam.But looking at ties, suits and shoes really gives me that urge to splurge. The Scandinavians going strong on dat dere instagram swag time.
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