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We have a rack where the barbells are stored, I just empty it out and put the bar on the top pins which actually puts it right in lower chest height so perfect to lift off for zercher squats. I just do lunges afterwards to compensate for the somewhat reduced effect on legs.
Making great weight or better said body fat loss progress on a low carb diet. I'm cutting for 2 weeks on max. 30g carbs before I'll fly to Latin America for business and adjacent vacation. I'm 7 days through and so far quite satisfied with the result. But it's really not so easy to completely ignore the tasty goodness of carb rich food. Also it's obviously not really great when it comes to what it does to your digestive system. What's the opinion on Zercher squats? Gym I...
Probably, it's just like "Is this safe?" which is impossible to answer... and the answer would be no. Been on it since 19.08., slowly upped from 3x 8mg to 3x 24mg. But I feel nothin of the caffeine because I'm used to getting 500-800mg a day via espresso, PWO and stuff. Worst case was 3 VPX Meltdown tabs, 2 scoops pre-workout and an espresso on empty stomach before gym, that was then enough stim to get me jittery though. So yesterday I started to substitute the 200mg...
Takes 5min to prepare:Big cucumber, peel, remove the core with the seeds and chop the good part in bits. Put a ton of chili powder or crushed dried chili on it and squeeze half to a whole lime over it.You can make a meal out of it by adding a cup of cottage cheese, a can of tuna, half a chopped onion and a big spoon of mango chutney.
Long time lurker, first time writer. I'll start directly with a BroScience question. I'm cutting on EC stack. I'm completely unaffected by stimulants so currently I'm on 3 times a day 24mg E and 250mg C. Question: replacing the caffeine with VPX Meltdown? Beneficial or a one way ticket to the hospital?
I'm basically sticking to ON GoldStandard. I tried now a lot of tastes and most are awful so just stick to the basics. The last whey I tried was FREY Nutrition Triple Whey with Chocolate flavor. It's a nice product and I mainly bought it because it's a German brand. On vacation I take Nature's Best Isopure Black & Green Tea Peach flavor whey. That was really fancy (read: expensive) but had an interesting taste also in water. It's lactose free I think. I mix with tap...
How is the shoulder of the Hudson when it comes to structure and padding? Comparable to Napoli/Lazio or more in the Havana direction?
Looks like blue and green multi-stripe on white on my screen.
Where on the site is that? I have never seen that. Amazing, probably would have used that for all the shirts I've ordered there so far had I known.Edit: Ok, just noticed the little selection of fabrics.
I think the sizing is not 100% consistent. I have a Lazio in brown faux-uni and one in blue birdseye and they fit differently. Part of the equation might be the fabric used. When I brought both suits to my tailor to get the pants shortened he suggested that we make one pair of pants longer than the other because the leg opening was apparently in a slightly different size. When I come home today I'll measure shoulders or something and try to see if there's also differences...
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