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Lazio Faux-uni Brown
The main difference regarding the shoulders is the amount of padding. The Havana has basically none while the Napoli has quite a bit, therefore you can get away with a bit wider shoulders in Napoli. The main difference for me is the chest. Havana and Washington are clearly tighter here than for example Napoli or Lazio. Tomorrow I can take front, back and shoulder pictures of all jackets. I think it's also quite obvious how the SF holy grail of unpadded, natural shoulders...
Week full of awful weather. This can barely be called summer but I'll pretend I dress for summer. Suit: SuitSupply Tie: BrooksBrothers PS: Rubinacci Shirt: Iannalfo&Sgariglia Socks: Falke Shoes: Grenson
I don't know if anyone is interested but I took pics of 5 different SuSu jackets from the front. They are unaltered except for sleeve length. All are 38R / EU48. I'm 175cm tall and weigh in at 70kg. I'm obviously a fan of the gym and icecream so I have an average build (could post pic but don't think you guys would appreciate the horror) with rather big thighs and ass. None of the jackets fit perfect (which no OTR jacket I ever tried did). The roomiest are clearly Napoli...
Actually I've got 2 rather nice suits (which are non-standard enough not to buy them at full retail) and a linen jacket from the outlet. I think it depended largely on your size. Today I've worn my new Napoli the first time. I'm not sure if I prefer the fit of Napoli or Lazio but the problem is that Lazio is only available in fancy patterns instead of staple colors and personally I'm completely adverse to ticket pockets. Seeing that a one day bus trip to Milano only costs...
Tie is 83% silk and 17% cotton, jacket wool and linen. 28°C today so summery was necessary.
Soho suits down from 349 € to 189 €. Various sportcoats from 229 € to 99 €.
They have the suit I dream of... and it's available in just only 4 sizes too big, surely my tailor can fix that Kidding aside, I've just bought 2 Soho suits, a Boston suit and a Washington sport coat. Those prices are unreal! But now I'm so decked out in DB suits I'll probably never again buy one... well... but then... let's see what's in the F/W collection
Didn't shoot in quite a while. Today I pulled out the filter system and went to the rhine. Unbenannt von Philipp Abele auf Flickr Unbenannt von Philipp Abele auf Flickr
Damn is that referee awful. Hopefully final will be nothing like that.
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