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I'm doing that Candito 6 week strength program which I heard is quite good even. So far it's a lot of fun as I don't have to use ze brainz and only look at the Excel. Just finished week 3 and will probably run into problems sticking to the plan once I fly to vacation on Friday. Somehow my strength drops massively when lifting in 30°C combined with long nights out and way too much booze. The GF said she'll come to the gym with me so I have the goal of not pigging out...
I've sold the 5D III with the L primes for the Fuji X-T1 out of portability reasons. Got the 14 2.8, 23 1.4 and 35 1.4 for it and a Samyang 85 1.4 which is a breeze to focus with the amazing EVF. I didn't test yet how the X-T1 works with the current Lightroom 5.x but when using my 4.6 back when I had the X-E1 you really have to change the workflow, especially when it comes to sharpening. When printing you probably won't really see a difference, only when pixel...
If it's like the Lazio in blue birds eye (http://eu.suitsupply.com/de_DE/suits/lazio-blau-birds-eye-muster/P3675.html?vpid=P367504) it's way too warm for summer. And for me it looks quite comparable. But I think a few pages back someone had that suit or at least tried it.
Ok, with the risk to sound ridiculous: I've just switched from Zercher squats to back squats and I find the pain where the bar lies on my back really uncomfortable, i.e. I even get a bruised stripe on my back over the traps. Am I too sissy and this is just how it is, will this go away with time or can I do something to improve the base for the squats?
THIS! You might want to be a bit more careful with the secret behaviour. My girlfriend would have probably hit me with a shoe or something along that path... and she's not even psycho... she's Latin American... even though that probably moves on the same level regarding "relationship behaviour".
Depends on how your body reacts. When I was on ECY stack I did around 600mg a day without feeling anything... when having stressful phases at work I probably surpass this just with espressi and my regular supps. Then I know people who get jittery when they do 200mg. I'd say enjoy it but check every once in a while how you do if you stay away for multiple days to assess how much of an addiction you've developed.
My experience is that the pants on Napoli, Lazio and Havana fit the same but are totally incosistent in fit anyway even within a line just as the jackets are to some degree. I have two Lazio pants that my tailor demanded to tailor to different lengths because the leg openings are so different.That said, I found all suit pants so far way more forgiving in cut than the separate pants which are way tighter.
Yes I agree on the material statement not being really accurate. I've bought a tie that was advertised as wool and silk when in reality it contains 45% Viscose. At the same time I received the navy Havana suit in Wool-Mohair mix and it seems to be quite a nice suit (but the jacket fits me completely different than the linen Havana sport coat I have... luckily, that's my least loved sport coat) and a pair of wool trousers in Porto fit which brings my to my next problem...
Did you ask him what to do to get sixpack abs?
I feel so shitty. Came out of low carb feeling amazing, was skinny, PR on most lifts, bla blub. 1 week business trip with a hotel gym that had nothing heavier than 50 lbs dumbbells but churros and cake and stuff twice a day. Slightly over two weeks of beach vacation (incl. cake, icecream, booze) with a great gym but 32°C with only fans at the gym. Came home and got instantly sick with a cold for a week. Surprisingly I still have only gained 2.5kg during those 4 weeks of...
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