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Quote: Originally Posted by Listi I read fullback as fuckball, and thought you were making absolutely ridiculous sports gay innuendo. (0) I also don't know enough about sports to know whether or not you are trying to make innuendo or if that's how sports people actually talk. I feel like I've heard people say stuff like "he's taking a stick up the rear" and it been totally legit and not a joke. (?) Um. This is awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 Their flannels are actually one of their merits, and they now offer some of them in slim fit. For 70 bucks they're fine. Actually scored a few at a outlet for, I think 30. Think it was in SC. Fit works for me, especially for that price
I will kill a damn skeet. But, contrary to my wife's wishes, I really would rather let spiders live. Lived in what was essentially a shed for a year in Costa Rica, although it had a bathroom. In said bathroom was a big ass spider. He let me shit in peace. I let him live. I think we developed a mutual respect that I will forever cherish.
I've shot and cleaned my own here in the states, Meh. Gamey. Recently visited a relative living in Mersault, France. Had an amazing rabbit dinner. Loved it, but maybe it was different from what I was used to. The wine cellar he had may have helped......
I like nose cocaine. But you need a lot of it. I can totally focus on myself when I use it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ideefixee I don't know 7 of those words. What? You don't know? Dude it's 3rd and long, we need penetration, up the middle. Our fullback is getting hammered by the linebacker.
I was recently in Scando. Saw a lot of Fjallraven, in every store everywhere. That's not to say I didn't like or it isn't quality. That said, it seems like REI or somesuch, but from Scando. And a lot cheaper over there, especially if you aren't paying VAT.
It may be satire. But Alabama just scored a touchdown. Roll Tide.
PM sent
Good thing computers aren't made of wool then, cuz it could cause you probs, brushed cotton keyboards are so much nicer.
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