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To those of you who are in the area, looks like we got some CH folks around here, they just opened their shop attached to the factory. Had an opening party yesterday, didn't go but they are pretty awesome people. Haven't tried the denim, but look forward to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by hollowsleather Laptop/Ipad/kindle covers are always an option. PM me if you're interested and we can figure out some details. It's true. He's been really helpful. Can't wait.
I have two blazers. Fit is epic, not slim necessarily but fitted I guess. TTS for the blazers. I'm a 40 in most suits, went with 50. You won't regret it.
Pork sandwich right off the pig which was smoked all day.
I am constantly amazed at how constantly awesome these "discussions" constantly are.
Quote: Originally Posted by OakCreekHitter typical redneck tattoo My buddy has an Earnhardt 3 on his forearm. He is awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by cez rest up bro, don't want to risk re-injuring that. Thank you sir. I'm following doctors orders!
None. But I did a stationary bike for 20 min, under severe duress due to ACL surgery two weeks ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ideefixee Jeez, people. Watch more Family Guy. I don't know 6 of those werds.
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