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I've always had a blast in Budapest. I would avoid advice, unless it is incredibly sound, and walk. Walk, brother, walk. There are million great little spots, but finding them on your own is the funnest part. Don't take a taxi. Seriously, those guys can be epic assholes.
Ya'll should literally, sit tight, cause my bow knows no species.
A diaper?
I want to ask a question. If you can't organize your schedule, should you be participating in a style forum? I waste a ton of time here, but I've earned it. Ask yourself if you have. I jest. It's grown ass man bidness. Get a planner, or hell, you probably have an Iphone. Use it. Or do what you have to, then do what you want to. If that doesn't help, find a mentor.
www.japanesebukkakeinyourfacehotels.com or, I don't know, www.tripadvisor.com.
IMHO, I think the clothing is quite nice and comfortable. I've only rocked some pants and a windbreaker, and would gladly buy more as needed. I certainly don't need clothing specifically for biking most of the time. But I'm also a member of a forum whose members spend a shit ton of money on clothing which, in all likelihood, they don't need either. That said, I'd prefer to wear Outlier over a bunch of other 'performance' clothing while biking.
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform This one from Hollows leather is cool: Just tell him to line one with wool or neoprene or whatever laptop cases use for cushioning. He made that for me, it's sitting under my computer as I type. Lining would might have been good. I love it though.
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 What colors pair up nicely with #8? What color belts do you guys wear with #8? I think an exact match can be a bit much. I agree with brown. Maybe a dark shade.....
Personally, I couldn't imagine spending any significant money on wrist accouterment, that could just as well have been made in India, Morocco, Turkey or where ever. I've seen MMM and many other designers selling shit for a fortune that I've also seen in for pennies in the dirtiest most awesome markets on the planet. But whatevs. To each his own.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube wut? Wut? WUT? Google doc...........tor of puss!
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