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PM Sent
You gots a pm
Quote: Originally Posted by nerazzurri too bad those are fugly Don't do this.
Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh You talking to yourself Stokely? You commented 4x in a row without a response. Out of curiosity, how many cats do you own? No. Teh drunk.
I ain't saying shit. However, I am amazed at how little forethought goes into some people's present thought.
What? Sorry no bow pics. Trust me though. I'm joking about most of this. However, I do hunt, and I'm not a homophobe. Quite the opposite. Wish more of you were, a little more enlightened, especially if you are into "hunting" fashion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saul Silver Check out WWM's "Hunting Noir" collection (F/W 2010 I believe). Some cool shit there. I really want to own a small cozy cabin in the middle of the woods, wear a wardrobe made exclusively of that collection, and smoke lots of weed while wandering around the forest. Like I said. "Knows no species". Stoner fashionista is delicious.
Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh I live in NYC. I'm not balling enough to go up north and hunt for pheasant. I don't think pheasant hunting constitutes "balling", but if it did.......
Quote: Originally Posted by smz180 well as I stated, I did go by their sizing chart (agonized over it actually) and the pants I received were at least an inch big on me. It may have something to do with the higher back (ass crack cover) causing the measurements to be different from where they actually sit on your waist. Next time I think I'd go with a 31 which is on the chart as 33" even though my waist measures 35". That sucks dude, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh Sorry we don't purposely dress/groom ourselves to look like a tranny. Case in point.
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