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Anyone know the possibility of getting some tournament low in white? I haven't seen any for sale. Have they made these recently?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ritchee What UPS brought me today. Country Ranger in tobacco. Nice. Mine came yesterday. Love em.
Go Heels. Crazy, I'm in CH too. Good luck with the sale.
I heard google makes some pretty nice belts.
Awesome seller. Great jacket. Someone should snag this.
PM Sent
You gots a pm
Quote: Originally Posted by nerazzurri too bad those are fugly Don't do this.
Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh You talking to yourself Stokely? You commented 4x in a row without a response. Out of curiosity, how many cats do you own? No. Teh drunk.
I ain't saying shit. However, I am amazed at how little forethought goes into some people's present thought.
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