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Awesome seller, super helpful! Thanks!
Bump for Bama women. My Mother In-Law is from Florence.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Fantastic dude! It looks great, I'd like a fixer upper one day. Do it!
I just purchased three decades worth of home improvement projects, or one big ass closet, depending on your viewpoint.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 A glen plaid suit is not particularly formal. If your friend's wedding is an evening or indoor wedding, you'll want to wear a white shirt, a dark and mostly solid tie, and black shoes to elevate the formality. If it's an afternoon or outdoor wedding, you have more options. I understand the formal issue. Not an issue in this instance. Hell, I'm likely to be the best dressed asshole in the place. I have other...
Man, I didn't think this would be easy, but you guys have made my head explode. Fuck. Ravello or Cigar for sure. I have some Color 8, looking for something new. Dayammm! Thanks for all the advice!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 ^ Some like chukkas with a suit. I don't. The PTBs you were referencing would work well, or some wingtips. Captoes are classic, but IIRC Ravello captoes can be difficult to find on short notice. Where are you located? If you can go into one of the Alden shops in DC, NYC, or San Francisco, you might have a greater selection of the rare cordovans. Thanks man. I agree with you on the chukka/suit thing. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Ravello, son. With some interesting socks. Good call dad. I hadn't even thought of ravello........ Perfect medium between whiskey and cigar. Would chukkas work with a suit? Sorry all, I'm a child/adolescent therapist and don't have many occasions to wear a suit.
I've got a question for ya'll. Which I'm asking in a general thead in Men's Clothing as well. I've got a lighter grey glenplaid Billy Reid suit I want to wear to an event coming up. The pattern is fairly muted, some hues of red. I'd love an excuse to buy some cordovan Aldens. Would a PTB, say cigar or, hell, even whiskey shell work with this? I'd, of course, wear the PTBs often, but I guess I'm looking for an excuse to pull the trigger..... Sorry no pics currently of...
Looking for a little advice. I've got a glenplaid Billy Reid suit I'd like to wear to a friend's wedding. Never rocked this pattern before. Advice? It's fairly light and muted. I'm thinking brown shoes, maybe PTB Cordovans. Should these be light or dark? Suggestions on a tie? Probably a white shirt, and don't really want to do a grey tie. Would another color be ridiculous? Sorry if this a pleb question.
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