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Hah, hah, hah, hah. Really? Is this whole thing for real? Ok. If you don't have girl friends who you don't want to sleep with I would say there is a serious problem. And you may have to deal with it later in life. If you can't manage a platonic relationship, I would bet any hopes of getting some will end once your looks do.....or age catches up with you. However, for now, play on. But the play always ends and you need to remember that getting with the second or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 The forum is, but it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with weight loss (the topic of this thread). You could always start your own thread about it. Sure. The thread was off topic far enough I didn't think it would matter. My bad.
True enough. Although it seemed an appropriate place to ask general questions about food and health.
Quote: Originally Posted by why No, the facepalm is because you're worried enough about overcooking vegetables to post it on an Internet forum. Relax. Is a few word question about veggies weirder than writing about constipation caused by fiber supplements?
WTF is that? For real? Do we need that in a forum? I recognize grilling may overcook veggies, but I don't need a grown up to send a little cartoon about it.
I've never really done supplements, mostly whole grains such as serious breads and the like, veggies too. Personally, finely cooked meat and veggie kabobs are my perfect meal. Maybe some brown rice too. Does anyone worry about "overcooking" veggies? I steam a lot, sometimes grill.
More skateboarding (or any cardio) works for me, weights 2-3 a week. No sweets, ever. Someone mentioned fiber. I think that is an often overlooked as a necessity for riding yourself of unwanted pounds. I can't give up the drink though. Which I guess can be a sweet, if that's what you like.
Another PM sent
PM sent
Damn man. Why must this all be a bit large and my pocket a bit shallow...........
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