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Quote: Originally Posted by Arizor My PBJ 007s after 2 years, much more contrast in natural daylight I think. I neeeeeeedz a pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Yes, yes. PBJ makes great denim. Don't ever get those 32s wet or you'll never fit into them again. I should have stated that I soaked em prior to wearing. Funny story actually. Soaked em. Put em outside to dry. Then it rained. Super soaked.
I'm going to have to cut myself off at some point. There are a lot of great suggestions. Again, I say a Sourmash Indy.
Just wore a pair of 005s for the first time. Fucking love em. Granted it has only been a day. I bought them prior to really researching or looking through this thread. Most people size down one it seems, I got a 32 raw and I'm normally a 34. Waist was tight as was thighs, still so, but they seem to be loosening a bit. This is the last thing I need, a new denim obsession. Fuck. I want the deep indigo ones. And those black ones above. Fuck.
I would be in for a whiskey boot. The Indy looks great!
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 Precisely the only occasion one should ever wear shorts. Shorts are feminine and affected. Period. So says the cute M&Ms.
Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS Do you do anything to the pointy end of the nail? I'd imagine it could dangerous if you leave it sharp. Who's labia are you worried about? Hers or yours?
Unfortunately, I have did so with some frequency in my 20's. Usually bar related nonsense though. A few times, even with a clear mind now, they really fucking deserved it. Past 6-7 years, none at all. I shy the fuck away from it. I'm lucky to have walked away from that time of my life with no felonies from that foolishness.
Quote: Originally Posted by A.L.Z. hahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahhahahhah! First of all, O son of Adam and Descendent of Yitzhak: If you are going to stick something into Babelfish, LEARN TO FIRST SPELL IT CORRECTLY IN ENGLISH before you Press "Translate into Italian". You typed in " Your an idiot" as in "your book" = "vostro libro".... You should type in "You're an idiot"... plus Babelfish doesn' get gender correct,...
I just got some epic longwings in the mail. He was super helpful and a quick shipment.
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