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Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 ^The CGT reference earlier in the thread is the capital gains tax. Totally missed it the first go round. Can't say I agree with the argument provided, but thanks. Without meaning to incite anything, but out of curiosity... Is there a person here who can say they will hire people if there taxes are low/lowered? Say you make 250k, actually only answer if truly you do. Do Capital Gains influence your ability...
Maybe I missed it, but what about Capital Gains? I am a little unclear if this is open territory currently. Apologies in advance if I've greatly over looked this thread, or the entire debate for that matter.
I wore cut off shorts today skating a pool. Tore em up.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS The title is 'Do You Wear Shorts?' ... not 'May I Wear Shorts?' True. However it seems like a lot of folks are either seeking approval for wearing shorts or discussing how bare knees are a sartorial blunder.
For fucks sake. Do any of you really need internet permission to wear shorts? Joke threak.
Oh wait. Hipster thinks he funny...
If it's southern with tide on it, should be crimson. Otherwise fuck a bunch of that. Roll Tide!
I got my item super quick. He was awesome. Not sketchy at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdstour Any information on the thickness of the strap, length of strap or if the hardware is stainless steel? welded or not? Thanks It's a 15$ dollar strap son.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 LOL. did you just figure this out now? dont get upset because i ask you to use more words. when you ask a vague question you get a vague answer. there really is no SuBsTaNTiAl reason for lining. some people prefer it because they find it more comfortable. having a owned both i cant say one is more comfortable then the other. there is also a more "finish" look with the lined quoddys. DoEs that help...
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