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Edit: I was looking at those pictures on my phone and realized that my response was incorrect. I'm not actually sure what is going on with those boots. Sorry!
thanks! I got the soles and eyelets done at Pioneer Renewers in San Francisco. I honestly can't remember how much it cost - it was over a year ago. I thought it was quite reasonable at the time.
Here are my Ranger Mocs in Loden green from Unionmade. I had some Vibram Christies put on and some brass eyelets added. I frickin love these things!
I've tried doing this to a similar pair of brogues and was NOT happy with the results. The problem was all the perforations and jagged edges. I started by stripping all of the old polish with a product made to do that and then dyed them a darker brown. It was immediately apparent that the dye wasn't getting into the holes and you could see the lighter color showing through. I went back in with the solvent and q-tips and toothpicks but couldn't get it cleaned out enough to...
Just picked up my Aldens from the shop and am extremely pleased with the results. These are my 2 year old Alden for Unionmade Loden green ranger-moccs on the Van last. I thought I would get more wear out of them if I customized them a little so I took them to Pioneer Renewer in San Francisco who has a great reputation for doing good work. I had them replace the waterlock sole with a Vibram wedge and also had them put in the brass eyelets to add a little flavor. They did a...
Nick! When did you get that Sporty?
nice. I wear mine with the officer chinos alsothose shoes look good with brown laces too if you want to get crayzay
I have the same size in both and there is no heel slip. The Trubalance is actually wider in the heel than Barrie but you don't notice the difference if it's a boot.
Those don't look like Aldens to me.
I'm the teddy bear who wears those. If you don't believe me, check out the tattoo I got last year!
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