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Holy shit that was terrible. Who lists their profession as "blogger"?
Is your price for each sweater or for both together as a lot? Thanks.
Suspension Point Schneider buy is on point as always. Smart of Joseph to get three colour ways of the Poa.
I can't take fake Charlie Day giving me tips on how to be an alpha bad boy anymore.
It was still really bad. Those sweats were like skin tight, there was no "anti-fit" in his fit whatsoever. And those high tops are god awful
Everyone seems to think that my alpaca coat (Frozen Waves iteration) is a sweater/hoodie. "Oh, I love your sweater!" "Thanks...but It's a jacket. " Anyone else with an alpaca jacket/other hooded coat get this a lot?
I think the only thing worse than his taste is his voice. I can't take anyone who speaks with such a high-pitched voice seriously if they're trying to groom men to be "Alpha Males".
Bought it yesterday, but it's just too tight for my liking. Nice colour, and the corozo buttons are a really nice touch. 100% merino wool. 80 70 60 shipped. Price includes tracked shipping in Canada, US buyers will have to pay extra for a tracking option.
They do not. They have a darker wool grey blazer in a 40S, and a navy wool/cotton blazer in a 40L CM suiting is cut pretty short though.
Nothing in a 28 for dress pants. Mostly 33 or 32. Tons of chinos. Lots of sweaters. A fair amount of blazers. Tons of shirts
New Posts  All Forums: