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J. Lindeberg, Sugar Cane, Duck Diggers and Matinique
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson ^^Gearing up for a trip to Japan, or just extremely, extremely bored? Going to spend my whole 5-week summervacation in Japan...How did you guess?
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 Didn't plan to fall in love, but then I did, and now here I am. Congratulations! Now snap out of it.
Fast 2nd erection.
Learn Social and Sexual Psychology and how to manipulate women. You can meet women everywhere, if you have the necessary skills.
Quote: Originally Posted by vvoc did you buy the desert boots? hows the fit? true to size? if im typically a 10, would you recommend the 11 or 9 if i had to choose one? thanks Mine were true to size. I am a 45 and bought the same size. They were black pointy loafers though.
I bought a pair 18 months ago. I like the style, but they are not very durable. Though Finland's weather is not very kind to any kind of shoes.
What do you think about these boots? Have been eyeing for them for a while. Kind a cheap I think?
ever realised how bad residual food smells when it comes out from your ass?
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