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Hey all, Picked up these Paul Stuarts and looking to sell them . However, I am not well versed in the Paul Stuart selections and wanted to know any additional information. They look to be of a specific model 8150-442 Any info appreciated !
been sitting in my closet forever ebay !!!here she comes
price reduced !
Hey all cleaning my storage in japan out. I just don't wear them enought to justify them. Shoes will be shipped in a replacement box via EMS japan with tracking. Any questions let me know!
casual day running around doing errands
Hey all just cleaning out my closet. Have a pair of denim i never got around to wearing. Sugar cane 1947. BNWT tried on but thats about it. Let me know if you have any questions Best, Michael Please add shipping and 4% Measurements: http://www.selfedge.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=279
Thinking on buying these oxford trails http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear/brown-vibram-sole-trail-oxford Normally a 9-9.5 in nikes thinking the nine should work? Do they ever do any sales as 1) I'm in Canada so the exchange sucks 2) No one ever really like paying retail
Do you have measurements for this? Or are you a certain jacket size normally??
weeks later lol
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