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Hi Guys just have a pair of hardly used jeans on ebay just like the title says i have 100% feedback on ebay and am happy to take paypal from those who live outside of australia cheers
hi there to be honest it's probably better if you search for a pic of them because they don't fit me very well that's half the reason why i am selling them. i have fat thighs and weird 'bowed' legs lol, look's like my knee joint is dislocated when i wear these but the thin finn can look really good on the right person sorry i couldnt be more help!
willing to trade the finns for other slim/straight leg raw BLUE denim jeans in size 28 or 29!
more photos...
Hey guys 1. planning a trip overseas so could do with some extra cash but happy to trade for slim jims in size 28 or 29 in any wash except greycast and dry black as i already have these. this is a pair of TFDB size 30x32. These have NOT been washed, only cold soaked once. They have not been altered in anyway and only worn about 12 times (I use them as 'dress up' jeans hence the lack of wear). I have removed the stitching from the back pockets (once again because i...
Evisu Vintage Cut No.1s Evisu prewash Ijin Material cinchback Nudie SJDB Nudie SJGC Nudie TFCG Nudie TFDB Nudie TFDBC Cheap Monday Tight Grey Tsubi Black Dee Dee Ruff Rocker True Relgion Micky Clearwater Taverniti So Lenny Grey Chip & Pepper White Snow Notify Pluto Aged Grey Wrangle Cigarette Leg Jet Black I guess that makes it 15 pairs of so...although if anyone is intersted in buying these im happy to sell. sizes mainly 29 and 30 but a couple of 28s
Hi guys, just wondering are there any online shops that sell dior homme jeans either 19cm or 21cm that actually ship to australia? cheers!
just wondering if someone would be so kind to tell me what styles in the following brands fit like either a slim jim or a thin finn since i like these two fits...i've done some research and it seems like the brands listed below tend to have REALLY tight jeans like cheap monday tightness which aint particularly my thanks in advance for the help guys apc julian red april 77 acne dior homme
Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan SFx5EP is the real deal man. Unless Fok and godmother have been playing some kind of weird sick joke on us this whole time. are you serious? where can i get some sfx5ep?? because i would love jeans with 5ep quality but a more flattering look, i like the way ralfs curve around my butt so i dont have a flat ass since the 5ep look very unflattering cheers!
@drizzt3117 cheers for the info mate. yeah i thought they didn't have anything like slim jims but i'd ask anyway. now don't laugh at me but isn't the sfx5ep just a theoretical thing done for fun? it's not an ACTUAL style that is coming out right? can't imagine a company actually caring about what a denim forum has to say or maybe im just being too cynical cheers!
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