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Maybe it's because it is unzipped. It may look cleaner if the jacket is zipped up.
Well, aren't you too jacked up to fit in them anyway? But yeah, I can say the leather jackets are a bit restrictive except for the scarstitch maybe.
Again? Or is it just because of the holidays?
I never thought I'd see a fake one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carol-Christian-Poell-Scarstitch-Jacket-/252210451049?hash=item3ab8ea1269:g:khEAAOSwwE5WbHh4
Posted a few pages back: http://www.styleforum.net/t/71625/leather-jackets-post-pictures-of-the-best-youve-seen-owned/14775#post_8104040
Well that sucks. Although, I don't think the sizing should end up bigger since it is expected for size 4 to fit a 48 and not 50. Or maybe mine ended up being off. I do prefer last year's leather. It was stiffer and took more time to break in but the leather was thicker compared to this year's. I'm thinking though with a 37" chest, shouldn't the jacket fit you since it is 40" around the chest area?
Really? I got this season's black version in size 4 and it fits closer to a 50. Had to wash it to shrink it down a size.
If you check the #trigger on instagram, it is mostly about suicide.
Highneck with titanium elbows. I wonder if this means some new stuff will be coming in?
Yeah but measurements seem way off
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