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Hey @Synthese, do you mind putting a photo with the jacket zipped up? The bicep area seems it needs some slimming based on the photo.
Collateral Concepts
I've been to Lombardi's and I wasn't impressed. Granted I haven't explored the pizza in NYC but for me the best pizza I had is Arturo's in Maplewood, NJ.
SF robo tricked me! There's no pizza in here!
Except for the shoulders. The SF has narrower shoulders.
Wouldn't this be 8UK then?
Try the Benjamin tux at ehaberdasher.com. It runs quite slim as far as I remember when I tried it on.
Why would you say it's a train wreck?
That's the Sartorio midnight blue tux right? Really sharp foxx.
I'm sure that's the chest circumference in inches.
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