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Thanks. Yeah, the flaps are designed to pop out like that unless they're unzipped and the zipper pulls are locked in place. Sizing down might end up looking skin tight on me.Awkward pose. He looks like a lost kid looking for his mom.
Must be the 3d pockets creating that wide silhouette. If it were any smaller it would be too tight as my bum is a bit big.
Aaaaaaaaah so it was you. You already have your personal order, right? It fits right for me as I take 48 or 50 depending on the brand. I think the recent production, even going back from last year, has ended up fitting bigger... and softer leather.
Color 12 LM/2599 Tried to get a photo with flash and without.
I'm with nicelynice on this one. I don't particularly like that one as well.
I guess part of this trip/coverage is Synth looking at yaoi stuff...
Something with turn-back cuffs and link button closure?
Honestly, that comment was more of a nod to one of the many famous stories here in Styleforum. I'm looking to get a briefcase in the future as you know Roman. Most likely I will start with black. I do like that green briefcase and hopefully it eventually becomes part of the regular collection... or maybe a special edition run can happen.
@venessian Thank you kind sir. Lol! @Linjer Maybe I should have suggested that there should be a prize to the first one who guesses the color (or closest to it). :P How about a green breast wallet?
New Posts  All Forums: