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But you're not. Drew has been screwing you for the last 2 years.
It's all part of the human instrumentality project, Asuka.
Yup, 22% price increase right?
THE NEW OFFICIAL TOJ THREAD - UPDATES, COMPLAINTS, AND NOW WITH 80% MORE CELLULITE. The thread title needs to be as dynamic as the TOJ exchange thread.
I know. Creepy. What the fuck is up with these ads in SF?
Lol! It's in the article itself.
I love their cheese breadballs.
I think it's because of the hand polishing that's done that the leather comes out with the waxy/glossy finish.
The heroes of the debacle in no particular order: - spreadsheet - spreadsheet guy - facebook review guy (sloppyjoes?) - Charly honorable mention: - distorb (as much as most members got annoyed with him, I think his constant tirades led to more members voicing their frustration then eventually to the spreadsheet)
New Posts  All Forums: