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Assassin. Self-harm is the "official" cause of mortality.
Carol's nip got imprinted during the object dyeing.
Carol Christian Poell fencing and tornadoes Julius_7 twist denim
This is my opinion. The thing with m_moria shoes/boots is that the design/process is not that out of the ordinary and far from CM footwear aesthetics. Because of that, the price seems exorbitant or ridiculous when compared to CM shoes. You have the other artisinal footwear dealing with experimentation (rubber dripping, object dyeing, etc.) and creating unique designs (front zip, spiral zip boots, stacking of the leather, etc.) yet somehow is not as expensive. M_moria...
@oulipien What @sinnedk said. If anything, I agree with what you stated. But at the heart of it even with its current thread title, this is still the "baller boot/footwear" thread where nothing below $700 (was that the cut off price range or did it already go up?) is acceptable.
That's the thing. At 2k, you should already be getting those. But this is artisinal. At 2k, you pay for something that looks like it came from an used, old clothing store and designed not to last. You want something that's not like that but still artisinal? Price of admission starts at 3k
To sinnedk: Thanks man. That's it for now unless CCP starts releasing new stuff and they have a leather jacket that I would really want. I'm trying to find a good leather jacket for my gf but the choices are much limited if you don't count the designer labels. RO looks ok but she doesn't like that half of the sleeves is made with fabric. We both agree that the only time fabric is acceptable on a leather jacket is for linings and the ribbing for bombers.
My leather jacket journey started with a Dolce and Gabbana jacket. It was a very thick sheep skin collared moto. I was mostly interested in CM during that time: [[SPOILER]] I moved to TOJ to try the MTM. This was the first one from them. I ordered 2 more after a few months but that's when the whole shitstorm started and those never materialized. I also got a brown MMM 5-zip but got rid of it quite early on as the lining was wool and it was too warm to wear in moderate...
What about Uranus?
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