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For some reason, I didn't pay much attention to the pinned threads. As like others have said, it was difficult to determine what new items were added. The normal threads attracted my attention because it was easy to see what was being sold.
Definitely nice. If only they were small or 48...
I've purchased from them this past holiday season and they sent out my items the following day. Items got delayed by the usual holiday rush but I still received them. I don't think they are scamming you.
As far as the Barba is concerned, the tag that has the white text over a black background is slimmer than the black text over a white background. When I say slimmer, it's reeeaaallly slim.
Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman
You gave roughly a 9-10% discount. If you're aiming for the 3%, it should be just minus $8.25 from $275. *edit* well then again, maybe that is what you are aiming for. So don't mind me. Lol!
I like black suits as well and wear one.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjmin209 Likewise with the "Interest Check" threads I agree with this to an extent. As more of a buyer here, I hate these kind of threads WITHOUT any pictures of the item. Members will of course bump this thread by asking for pictures of the item then will be bumped again when the pictures have been added by the seller. Pictures, even if they are low res, should be included.
Now this is what I call a bargain. Ha ha ha!
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