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I actually would like to try these two http://shop.thelastconspiracy.com/collections/men/products/vali http://shop.thelastconspiracy.com/collections/men/products/stack
I interpret it as their special orders finally arriving.
Get used to these insulting lowball offers on grailed and ebay. And as psydle said, even if you get a decent offer, that person most likely won't complete the transaction. Of course it also depends on the condition of the item. If it is new, unused, and there are no defects just like sinned's item, then 55% offer gets a fuck off, stay away, I'm blocking you from my auctions/listings... well at least that's what's in my mind. I usually just ignore them or politely respond...
A bit of caution with using shell for jodhpurs. The leather tends to tear during the process of lasting. I know that was the case with Carmina. I had Bonafe attempt it as well but ended up with the same result. They tried doing it a few times but were never successful. The only other shell jodhpurs i know of besides Carmina is from G&G. However, it seems their pattern for the jodhpur is a bit different. So this could be the reason they were able to make it. Or maybe it has...
Is that really him or were they just referring to what this guy is wearing?
Too bad. If the leather is still stiff, maybe the range of motion can increase once it softens? It does look good unzipped which I prefer when wearing the scarstitch.
Too tight when you zip it up?
@eton97 would know since he had HOIL. I know they're both horse but that's about it. I just assume the difference in codes could be from where it was sourced or how the leather was treated.
XpostThe Viridi Anne horsehide jacket
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