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To put it nicely Jack, your choice of leather jackets doesn't align to what most of the members here consider as good. Try browsing this thread so you'll have an idea.
I think it is since I inquired in both locations. Still, it doesn't start below $2000.
I do agree it can be a collectible. I just like the convenience of being able to take them with me especially when traveling back and forth to the west coast. Initially, I considered getting them in print but the prices for the back issues put me off from doing so.
I believe it starts around $2500. This was a month ago when I inquired for their bespoke service.
Unless you want a digital subscription via the Zinio app which is around $39.00. They have most of the back issues priced at around $7.00 per issue.
What about dressy smoking jackets?
Do any of you think that the state of black tie will continue to evolve? Meaning, that what most of us here consider the proper black tie may or will eventually change in years to come. There are many ways to assemble a proper black tie attire but we know it didn't begin with all those options at its conception (cummerbund or vest, black or midnight navy, etc.) The attire is a derivative of the white tie for semi formal events and now, in most cases, has replaced white tie...
Exactly. I didn't say for them to replace their existing products. Expanding their offerings can bring in more buyers.
Speaking of expanding their offerings, I hope they consider making jodhpur style boots.
As far as the cut goes, definitely not. It'll be whatever cut Zegna has and not Tom Ford's.
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