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Maybe it's Ben then.
26 x 34 x 5 cm. The desk is narrow. The exterior is a one piece construction with another piece in the middle that acts as a divider/pouch. You can check his website for other stuff that he makes. Www.esde-bags.com
Thanks. Definitely looking forward to see how it ages.
Finally got my Aktenorder briefcase from Esde. Ronny was a pleasure to deal with during the whole process and would recommend his work if you're interested in any of his bags. As previously said, it's made with thick shell cordovan with the reverse side as the exterior and with the straps with thick cowhide. Hardware is oxidized brass I think. Normally, he uses thick cowhide but I inquired if he can make one using horsehide. Luckily, he had shell cordovan.
Seems all 3 are lamb/sheep leather. The other padded one has gold zips with red outlines.
This is Murica brah. Outrage first before anything else.
Exactly what I'm thinking. The jacket is too long for him at least on the sleeves. May look better without the bunching up on them.
I don't recall the entire post in SZ especially it was removed but if I'm correct, the elephant, where the hide/leather the jacket was made from, died from a natural death.
Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm assuming it's still the same with the grain side except for the look and texture. M_morias use reverse side as well and I doubt there are issues with it. But a leather expert would have a better answer on it.
Speaking of bags, I placed a custom order for a briefcase with ESDE bags. Leather is reverse shell cordovan. Should arrive soon.
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