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It's just not really for me. I'm used to the sleek/pointed shape of CM shoes and I'm very partial towards chiseled lasts as well. Some reasons I got a pair of tornado boots are for the sleek/pointed last (closer to CM footwear shape) and because I needed something to pair with denim other than my Buttero sneakers.
For 1800€ and above, you can get a MTO/semi bespoke pair from Meccariello. Granted it is more on the CM side and no wooden nails, you can have it customized to a SW look and is hand welted. What's more, you get a goodyear welted, fully wearable test pair. The last is also adjusted to a better fit.
What's the deal with m_moria? I can understand the shell cordovan but anything else other than that especially at the price of a new scarstitch? (Is that even true?) I know I read somewhere that CM calls (most) SW footwear as clown shoes. For this one, I can see it especially with the shape.
Yep... definitely fucked.
It is hitting on the belt line if you look closely.
Wrap around leather pants Pig intestines pullover
Going back to obscure, this old video was posted in SZ. https://vimeo.com/121459717
Diluted lemon juice.
Some obscure pieces from older collections I found on the web Female dick trousers: Human hair pullover: Leather dress with crushed glass: Bull's blood dyed pig skin:
Skeen got rid of it. I tried doing the method he suggested twice and it seems to have lessened... or I just got used to the smell. Lol!True but looking at PNP's pic, isn't the jacket wider at the hips?
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