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Is the cost of alteration done whether by in-house tailors or not covered in the price of the items they sell?
Is it individual personality or lack of knowledge of black tie's formality? :-/
I'll start with some of mine! [[SPOILER]]
I... I had a hard time looking at those photos.
Damn! Sucks I missed out on these: http://www.gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-jodhpur-boots-navy-shell Anybody with a 8.5uk of these pair that's willing to sell them?
When I found out about The Line some time last year, the collection had silver hardware. But from when it began, I wouldn't know. I know the regular line uses riri zippers. From my one experience with the regular line, the leather is thick and really nice. The sizing of their jackets run very small though. I fit in a size 2 with Julius which I would say is a medium. I got a double rider in a size 3, which is designated as a large in Backlash's sizing, just to be safe. I...
I thought The Line has been there for a while now. I have seen the collection for quite some time. These are the jackets that use Guidi leather.
I believe including price point with this list will be too confusing and difficult as well. The prices can vary widely.To illustrate, I'll compare pricing for RLBL and Dolce and Gabbana two piece suits as I have experience on both. At retail price, RLBL ranges $1600-1800 while Dolce and Gabbana is between $1800-2200. At at a discounted price, brand new on some reseller websites, here are some examples (not exact price):RLBL:Malford of London: $740Ebay: $450-1200Dolce and...
upload some pics!
I wanted to get the Alex Begg tartan cashmere scarf as birthday gift to myself. Unfortunately, it was sold out during the weekend. Lo and behold! I was surprised as to what my girlfriend got me! Anyway, can anybody comment on the Buttero sneakers? How does it compare to Common Projects low achilles sneakers? Thanks!
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