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Thanks man. It's not really red as TVA labeled it. It is orange but the hue is muted in a sort of red brownish/earthly tone. It's tame compared to this S/S's orange leather jacket.
Today was finally warm enough for this. Pardon the dirty mirror.
Proxy? Anybody?
[[SPOILER]] Oh ok. Thanks.
He did say "They" and not "We" I hope he meant GG.
Will you be willing to help @Nick A?
What do you prefer? I think it's better to go with what you like since it won't really affect the attire whether it's functional or not.
Did he tell you who he was?
Because you won't get a complete and/or honest answer. Then it will be another round of bitching and whining when expectations aren't met. It's a cycle that keeps happening. Either you wait it out or take @Two Shoes's advice. Also, his communication isn't regular. It's sporadic at best. I say fund @Distorbiant's trip to get those answers.
Drew is already being held accountable for a lot of things. An update from him won't change anything unless you find some sort of excitement of being led on.
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