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Thing is under low or artificial lighting, which these events are mostly held, the midnight blue looks richer than black. Pairing it with black trousers may end up looking like you have a mismatched black jacket and black trousers.
Almost did the same thing but used an electric drill with a cloth buffer instead. Got the shine but it's not something that really lasts. Wonder what oil they use though.
I guess that's how to get that shine on the leather then. I'd like to try that but will most likely screw it up.
I don't know about hot air or ironing the leather. That sounds like a disaster for hardening and cracking the leather.
I think you can still file a charge back if you used a credit card for the gift payment.
Get the viridi-anne horsehide jacket if you can find it in your size.
Nice. Looking forward to go there when I go to LA later this year. Hopefully the items/labels they carry will be the same as in Paris.
I won't be there at the opening but when is it set to open?
What's this? Another ninja edit?
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