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Just a question Willy. Would you happen to have an idea on what actually is going on with the production?
It could but I don't believe it's fair to the original owners of the spots. They don't have any control over this clusterfuck at all. TOJ should just issue refunds and not have their customers sell their spots especially with how things are right now.
Here's the thing, if there are jackets that have been completed already, why not ship them out? Ship them out on a weekly basis. Why wait until 4 rooms get filled before they get shipped out? Unless it was because of Dan being out of the country was the reason that happened then there's no reason to have them all pile up like that. I think seeing somebody post that they receive something recently helps alleviate the negativity and hostility that's building up in this thread.
That would be screwing over the people that sold the spots. Payment went to the original buyers and not TOJ.
Nope, it doesn't.
Ask somebody to take photos of you wearing the tux in a well lit room or area with a lighter background. Asking for advice using those photos won't give the proper answer you need.
I did ask him if there are new jackets that are currently being designed but he said none at this time. He did make a version of this without the zipper placket. I do agree with fps that adding zippers to the pockets will ruin the lines.
Do you have any fit pics or photos of that jacket?
It's still the horsehide leather. I did see in SZ before where a green goat leather was used for this jacket.
Thanks. Can't wait for the right weather to arrive so I can start wearing it.
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