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That's kangaroo also, white tanned. Got any photos of your gloved high neck?
Any comments on the ROMPIB-PCC? I'm contemplating to either get a semi armhole leather or gloved titanium leather. My only concern with the semi armhole is the short body length. From my inquiries, the back length without the collar is between 23.5" to 24", which is fine with me. The one on grailed though is 21.5" only. Now that ends up being short for my liking.
At 53 cm? That's definitely a 50 there. Haven't handled ROOLS or ROOMS but how different are they from each other in terms of thickness?
Maybe you should have asked as well what Horikawa meant with this post: https://instagram.com/p/388rKvEhe6/ edit: Can you still get in touch with them to ask about it?
Holy crap! It works! **********
Why make this account and not just use your old ID?
Sorry about the confusion on my post. Was referring to the fencing posted.
Jacket came from The Office. The seam under the collar looks slanted.
Just as I thought. That was the one you previously owned.
Do it yourself. Copy the list posted above yours and add your name at the bottom with the amount.
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