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How long was your wait time?Anyway, I finally got a fencing.
It seems to be. They said to check back sometime around June.
Right now, CCP isn't accepting any special orders. This is coming from all the stockists I recently asked.
At least Joe Camel has his DR. What about most of you guys here?
Nobody ever really thought the whole situation will get this bad. Most people had hoped that things will turn around with each update that came in. But it's not the case obviously.
And possibly cancer and/or COPD. That's gonna be costly in the long run. TOJ jackets give you swag... and can result to PTSD, depression, violent outbursts, paranoia, and at worst, suicide (is Distorb still alive?) from the all the waiting. It can also make you malnourished and possibly develop stomach ulcers from not eating but at least you won't have a chubby Asian IT face. I guess that can also be costly. Healthcare is a bitch. Seroiusly, if masshi's money came from a...
I would go with this. It's preference. For me, if it's a solid color, I prefer without cuffs so it doesn't break the silhouette. If it's a patterned fabric (glenplaid) or odd trouser, I have them cuffed most of the time.
Shall we bring back the term "struggle kids" again?
In summary, if you haven't received your jacket and you're still here waiting, you love the abuse. If you got your jacket already, you're happy but still loved the abuse
Maybe none? Lol! I don't know much how often rumors like that are said regarding a new collection from him but I'm not intrigued by it since I just began looking into his works.
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