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Star Wars 7 and 8
Seems it's still better to get it from Skoak
It's all in here. Just add to the cart before checking out and specify for which tie you want it:https://www.samhober.com/options-for-tie-construction/Thank you for your response.
I think Margiela is part of the group.
I hope you don't mind if I use your photo as an example. From what I read and was told, you count the creases to determine the number of folds a tie has.With Cappelli, there are 12 creases and thus considered a 12-fold. It's much like folding a piece of paper in half. It creates two halves but there is only one fold. I'm no expert on things like these that's why I brought it up a few posts ago to get some insight from other people who know these things better.If this is...
Depending on the definition, that tie can actually be a 12 fold. :/
I hope he gets more new designs. There are a few that are on my wishlist that's still on the page that have 1 stock left. Funny thing is, I would notice some of them will be out of stock. Then, I will check after 3 or so days and it's in stock again for 1 unit only.Anyway, I posted this at the Cappelli thread and I'm cross-posting it here since I just want to be informed of the difference.
Anybody here who has both 7-fold ties from Cappelli and Sam Hober? I just find it interesting that their methods of doing a 7-fold are different. Anybody else noticed this? Edit: Ok, now I'm confused. How is the number of folds in a tie counted? From what I read, you count the number of creases used to fold a tie. Patrizio's 7-fold ties have 12 creases with 7 "flaps." Four flaps on one side, the other has three. I compared it to Sam Hober which has 7 creases with the...
Wow! I'm assuming these are just samples for what he has or had. I can see a tie that's no longer available on his website.
Just make another spreadsheet. It will do wonders.
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