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I would assume that. Lol! Go back to your lawn mowing.
I went for the whole thing. I just wanted to see if there was another price increase that recently happened thus my asking in this thread.Unfortunately, my bank didn't give me a good exchange rate. In fact, if the payment can go through Paypal, I would have gotten a better rate. Lol!Either way, I can't wait to get the final product (and test boots).
YuYup... I'll be calling him Dick Owens from now on. Maybe a foreskin stooges is in the works...
I placed my order. Trees and last modification are definitely extra. Now the waiting begins.
I thought that was just a joke being made and not really an accusation.
How does the blocking here in StyFo work? You don't see the posts from the person you blocked and they can't seer yours as well?
The 1650 doesn't include last modification, trees, or shipping.
Antonio emailed me again and corrected the amount. That 1900 is for a seamless wholecut chelsea without test shoes. It's 1650 for jodhpurs. Trees and test shoes/modified last are extra.
I'm looking into getting a pair of jodhpurs in Aurum in calf, double leather sole with metal taps. Got quoted 1900€. Still debating on it. I know the price increased this year but I'm just wondering how much it went up for boots.
According to the info at Leffot's website, theirs is also blake stitched.
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