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To sinnedk: Thanks man. That's it for now unless CCP starts releasing new stuff and they have a leather jacket that I would really want. I'm trying to find a good leather jacket for my gf but the choices are much limited if you don't count the designer labels. RO looks ok but she doesn't like that half of the sleeves is made with fabric. We both agree that the only time fabric is acceptable on a leather jacket is for linings and the ribbing for bombers.
My leather jacket journey started with a Dolce and Gabbana jacket. It was a very thick sheep skin collared moto. I was mostly interested in CM during that time: [[SPOILER]] I moved to TOJ to try the MTM. This was the first one from them. I ordered 2 more after a few months but that's when the whole shitstorm started and those never materialized. I also got a brown MMM 5-zip but got rid of it quite early on as the lining was wool and it was too warm to wear in moderate...
What about Uranus?
I checked the website and I like this except for the pockets:
2250€ l'eclaireur 1760€ ink
The layer0 for me is slightly tight across the shoulders and armholes but is fine across the chest.The scarstitch seemed fine on NN on that angle but the front profile clearly showed it was deep in his pits. I'm sure that was very uncomfortable.
Nice! I like reading these. Gives a good picture of somebody's direction of style and preference with leather jackets. I'll see if I can do the same as I have to find if I have decent photos with all the jackets I went through.
Maybe reversed side?
Comipel does shell cordovan. I got myself a pair of mmoria just to experience it first hand. First thought I had when I initially wore it was fucking clown shoes (really round last with upturned toebox). Still decided to wear it and after that, I actually ended up liking it and stopped seeing it as clown shoes but a really nice pair of work boots. But I still stick to one of my first opinions, the retail is too much for what it is.
Maybe your name doesn't sound French enough. Lol! I think the passport has something to do with the VAT refund. I asked if they can process credit card payment or put it on Farfetch instead since they are selling some stuff through them. I haven't heard back after that.
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