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Would've instakop if it was a 48 at that price.
I'm not familiar with Zegna's fit as well but wouldn't Tom Ford be bigger (or wider) on the shoulders given how it is styled?
Quote: Originally Posted by intfxdx damn if only this was 38... My thoughts exactly.
I know. It just reminded me how much I wanted them.
Reminds me of the chapel in museum calf that was on eBay recently.
I haven't returned any of my purchases from them. Recently, I haven't bought anything from them. Their sales for the past few months haven't been enticing at all.
Dang! Very beautiful!
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance I'm not sure what the actual breakdown was (price + import fee) but the total was a little over $25.00. You might even be able to call kinokuniya, place the order, and then have them mail it directly to you. Of course, that will probably also increase the price. I wouldn't mind paying a little extra. Worth a shot.
I would really appreciate it if somebody is willing to proxy for this.
So that would make it 10.5, 11, 11.5 US then.
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