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I wouldn't put it as a rule. Just a preference for me. I'm not sure about the rest.
No buttons on leather jackets for me either. Personally, I also don't like any horizontal seams that go across the sleeves or the body (partially and fully) unless it's just the hems at the bottom. Horizontal seams on the elbow joints are a bit iffy for me.
I think we should still fund his trip to Korea and have him do it in front of Drew. Go pro to see Drew's reaction and another camera pointing at Distorb to see how he does it.
Then it arrives the following day...
He's just really furry.
Thanks man. It's not really red as TVA labeled it. It is orange but the hue is muted in a sort of red brownish/earthly tone. It's tame compared to this S/S's orange leather jacket.
Today was finally warm enough for this. Pardon the dirty mirror.
Proxy? Anybody?
[[SPOILER]] Oh ok. Thanks.
He did say "They" and not "We" I hope he meant GG.
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