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Or you can go to a tailor and have him/her put them on your bcdr.
No no no. We should talk about waist coverings.
How will you polish these boots without ruining the patina?
That just means in order to decrease wait times, production must be ramped up from the usual pace.
I do agree that expectation when the jackets are coming and the lack of time frame has been making members antsy. Here's the thing, the last update as far as how long it will take was quoted at 35-40 weeks. Some have passed 40 weeks already. I don't think giving another estimate remedies the situation.
It just means then that the one who gets a refund and not the one selling the spot gets blacklisted, right?First, this really isn't such a bad thing if you only want one jacket and want to have it earlier especially with TOJ "closing" and the turnaround times not getting any better as of now. Second, with Drew wanting to sell TOJ and if it does happen, the new owner might rethink some of the cases of blacklisting. One can hope the new owner will be considerate of the...
Thank you.
It's made for the US market hence marked in US size. I bought these from Barney's but never got to use them. I wear a 8.5UK in C&J 348 last and these fit. There's more space on this last compared to 348 but I can't guarantee if it will fit a 9UK. You may want to ask in the C&J thread.
C&J Cottesmore boots for Barneys. Boots are new and was tried on once only. Dainite rubber soles on 341 last. Box and shoe bags are included. Free shipping within the CONUS. Paypal only. Pm for any questions. Thank you.
I thought we were done with this cummerbund talk a few pages ago? Lol!
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