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What is the height of the heels?
What if gruff and drew are the same person?
They might receive them after 2 years if they don't complain about delays.
Big boobed lady? Well @B0Bs4g3t, I will be looking forward to the documentation of the services that you will provide to those who didn't get their jackets.
Or maybe he is a pornstar?
Enough for other people to complain about it.
I can try that but I do remember skeen trying that but to no avail. He did mention spraying some lemon juice but I'm a bit reluctant doing that. That's good yours doesn't smell like this. How's the leather on yours though? Is it softer as well?
I took an hour nap and more than 50 new posts. Damn.
I used to didn't like the LEB design but after reading his idea and the process of its creation, I have come to appreciate the jacket.Do I have to always brood when I use it? Lol!
Just an honest opinion but that jacket looks like a mess.
New Posts  All Forums: