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Nice closet @uzairh
Mostly footwear. No leather jackets. What size are you looking for?
Maybe he should have just placed that order 2 years ago and he would have gotten it already.
Aurum is not RTW. It is MTO. Information about the lines have been mentioned quite a few times in this thread.With his plans to open a webshop, he is setting up Argentum as RTW from the preview he posted. Unless, he is also planning to put a RTW for Aurum, it hasn't been announced yet as far as I know.
If the CM side has its ballers that can regularly meet up with these Italian/English tailors and cobblers, do multiple commissions in one visit, and has vast knowledge/familiarity of their products, then I think uzairh is the their equivalent here in SW&D. To be honest, I am also getting curious who uzairh is. I do know nicelynice has met him.
Maybe it's because it is unzipped. It may look cleaner if the jacket is zipped up.
Well, aren't you too jacked up to fit in them anyway? But yeah, I can say the leather jackets are a bit restrictive except for the scarstitch maybe.
Again? Or is it just because of the holidays?
I never thought I'd see a fake one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carol-Christian-Poell-Scarstitch-Jacket-/252210451049?hash=item3ab8ea1269:g:khEAAOSwwE5WbHh4
Posted a few pages back: http://www.styleforum.net/t/71625/leather-jackets-post-pictures-of-the-best-youve-seen-owned/14775#post_8104040
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