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Even this piece?
Well hopefully you guys get your jackets soon. I'm out.
Haven't worn this for quite some time
I like it though.
That's good. That may mean it's being made but damn... it's still a July batch.
It's a matter of proper communication really. People assume that an address confirmation means the jacket will be shipping soon which is apparently not true on all cases. If there was proper communication back then, the whole assumption that nobody will receive their jackets wouldn't have been as bad.
Because there are still a lot of people who haven't received their jackets
It's not baggy. If you're referring to the leather stacking on your lower back, it's because of the garter on the hem of the jacket. On the 2nd jacket, it's not that much because it doesn't have a garter hem.
Lol! Not sure if serious but they're not.
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