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Thanks for the info. They have Christian as their model. Right about the greatest hits with zigzags.
Actually I thought of a wound when you said gash.
Just say it or are you too pussy to do it?
Go to a tailor that has experience in leather alterations. As for the bumps, don't iron leather ever. You will risk damaging it permanently. What kind of leather is it? If it is lamb and quite soft, it may eventually disappear by just continously wearing the jacket. Or if you are in a hurry, wear the jacket and wet those areas using cold water and mold it to the contour of your body. Might take a few attempts and it will make that area stiff and dried out. Just apply...
The overall design does look costume-y. Fit-wise it is harder to tell since you are hunching over. Might take time for it break in and look better on your body. I like it that you design your jackets and get them made as you want them, bespoke basically. How is the variety of leather available for you to choose from?
I think the sleeves are too busy. Remove the slinky-like design on the elbows and it is pretty decent. I have to echo on that SLP thing. If it was SLP (especially Hedi era), i think no matter how garish the design is, a few people here will like it.
Surprised that is still around. Would have kopped if it didn't have the funky scent like the new ones.
If you want smooth leather, yes. Otherwise, I think bison is ok too. Kangaroo might be too thin.
Wholecut balmorals/oxfords?
Seriously? Granted I haven't seen that film and just read the summary of what it is about, I don't get that feeling that the inspiration from the film is properly conveyed on this collection... or what the film is supposed to be about. I'll see if I can find the film on Netflix. Then if I ever find the time, I'll check her stuff in person along with a few others in NYC.
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