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I wonder how grailed manages to shoulder the PayPal fees especially it's a free site.
Is this the final version?
Oh. My girlfriend and I had that similar problem of finding a proper coat for her for a black tie event. When I tried looking it up on the web, most I would see is fur stole wraps or fur coats. In the end, she just used a long coat from j crew and didn't care much if it looks a bit casual reason being the coat will be checked in anyway.
How cold is it there at that time? I think if it's not that chilly a cashmere silk stole can suffice.
New with tags RLPL black tuxedo vest Size 40 100% grosgrain silk with shawl lapels Full back with adjustable strap in the back Made in England Retailed $395 I bought this more than a year ago, stored it away, and forgot about it. No damages but it needs some pressing due to it from being stored. Free shipping within the CONUS. Otherwise, please PM me for shipping quote for other locations.
TOJ0 size 48 in Jason Bourne colorway. I only used this jacket 4 times then it was stored inside a garment bag. No damages and the jacket is in mint condition. Free shipping within the CONUS. Othewise, please PM me for shipping quote for other destinations. Measurements: Shoulders: 18" Chest: 21" Sleeve length: 27" Front length: 22" Back length with collar: 26"
I don't see the point of having to wait for more batches before shipping them out. Ship them on a weekly basis. Whether it's 1 jacket or 100 jackets that's completed in a week, just ship them at the end of the week.
Are you sure it's not 52 weeks (and that's if you're lucky)? Lol!
Thanks for the update ricesuit. It's good they're aware of the complaints but the question is what's being done about the situation. I know it's just an assumption but having the lunch service at the restaurant shouldn't and must not affect the jacket/wallet/daypack production or shipping.
Lol!"I still haz no jacketz afturz a year... "
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