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StyFo should hold an annual sartorial awards night, awarding members that excel in different areas of sartorialism. The winners will get the coveted Stitchy statue.
Is the new pattern on the heel design only?
I was told that you have to get it in the Deco last in order to get the Deco black calf when I requested an MTO.
3-letter acronym. Close enough.
The second one sounds like the TOJ thread.
Lol! He needs a bowtie though.
Damn I'm tempted to join this GMTO... But I just placed an order for something else last night.
He's looking for more than $2000. You can keep your cheap $1995 wallet spot.
Go browse the uncensored Rick Owens F/W 2015 runway show... You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it.
I would assume that. Lol! Go back to your lawn mowing.
New Posts  All Forums: