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Pre-owned Sartoria Formosa suit. 3-roll-2 gray houndstooth 2 piece suit Jacket is 48R IT and the pants are 50R IT In excellent condition from a non-smoking home; no stains or damages 100% flannel wool; best for the fall/winter season Measurements (all taken laid flat and are approximate): Jacket (notch lapels with side vents): Chest (pit-to-pit): 20.75" Shoulders (across the back): 18.25" Sleeves (top of the shoulder to hem): 25.5" (non-working button holes; length...
I think most leather jackets won't allow you to raise your hands above your head unless the cut is really loose or, probably, the leather is lamb.
It's more on the cut rather than the weight of the leather. You're a pull up guy and I'm guessing your lats are quite wide. I don't think you'll feel comfortable in a fencing jacket. I think the Scarstitich is the most forgiving out of the 3. HOIL is not available anymore and I don't think it is much heavier than the CORS. Rather, I think it is only stiffer due to a different method of treatment that was used before. It's just the recent CORS are veg tanned that's why I...
Yup. This batch is more brownish just basing it on the photos.
Quality of leather and method of construction (minus the wooden nails) can be obtained for less along with the option of hand welting, storm welting, etc. Probably if the regular laced pairs were priced much lower, I can understand the hype for that style.
As a preference, the lasts don't appeal to me. The option to customize is always a big plus but at the price point (3000+ Euro? please correct me if I'm mistaken), I expect more. Design-wise, the hidden laced boots and sneaker boots are the only two designs that I feel that set it apart from the rest. The regular laced up pairs I don't get the hype.
This? https://cruvoir.com/mmoria-by-maurizio-altieri/7795-cc-x-petrolio It caught my eye but not enough to want it. I will probably never get m_moria.
The only real winner in a class action lawsuit is the lawyer.
Thanks. I don't like tapered denim. I have the dead end jeans but they're tight on the calves.They're zipped but not buttoned.
Really? Well thanks for the feedback but can you elaborate on that?
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