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I think he just wants to purchase test shoes and that's it.
About the same I think. I'm waiting for my test shoes as he will be shipping them out this week.
I think the counter point being made is the lower cost of labor (and materials?). Where will the Honour Mark jackets be made?
Anybody that posted on the thread at the beginning of the clusterfuck should be paid royalties as well. I hope it gets syndicated after its full run.
This thread definitely delivers... except for the jacket, wallet, and bag part.
It needs to rhyme.
Lol! Being a double agent without a leather jacket isn't easy... maybe he should stick with the tactleneck.The first born will be delivered in two years once conceived. Of course there will be delays due to Korean holidays.
If you're looking at the measurements on shopthefinest.com, the measurements are accurate. Sizing up on dress shirts tend to not work because of the collar sizes. Yes, the body will fit but the collar won't.
Look into luxire. They have an affiliate thread here.
Why not just go for the custom route? It seems it's difficult to find the right slim cut shirt for you based on your measurements.
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