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As a preference, the lasts don't appeal to me. The option to customize is always a big plus but at the price point (3000+ Euro? please correct me if I'm mistaken), I expect more. Design-wise, the hidden laced boots and sneaker boots are the only two designs that I feel that set it apart from the rest. The regular laced up pairs I don't get the hype.
This? https://cruvoir.com/mmoria-by-maurizio-altieri/7795-cc-x-petrolio It caught my eye but not enough to want it. I will probably never get m_moria.
The only real winner in a class action lawsuit is the lawyer.
Thanks. I don't like tapered denim. I have the dead end jeans but they're tight on the calves.They're zipped but not buttoned.
Really? Well thanks for the feedback but can you elaborate on that?
Technically, what I wore the other day as the temps weren't as cold CCP high neck and tornadoes Zam Barrett beanie PBJ
Nice closet @uzairh
Mostly footwear. No leather jackets. What size are you looking for?
Maybe he should have just placed that order 2 years ago and he would have gotten it already.
Aurum is not RTW. It is MTO. Information about the lines have been mentioned quite a few times in this thread.With his plans to open a webshop, he is setting up Argentum as RTW from the preview he posted. Unless, he is also planning to put a RTW for Aurum, it hasn't been announced yet as far as I know.
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