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So is it normal to get billed for duties/tax, etc. for ties shipped to the US? Just got an invoice from FedEx.
But that logo sewn on the front just kills it for me. :/
Really nice. Wish they were wider.
Lol! I wonder if Thurston Bros can offer that option.
Which Clark Kent are we referring to here?
I like his cat though
My bet it will be iamacyborg. Just kidding :P But he's right. Anything can happen with that.
My earlier response was more directed to the people still buying the spots. I'm sure at least only a few are constantly stressing about the jackets but I think this happens only after waiting for more than a year for their stuff and still can't get a definite date for completion. Like the other posters said, patience are wearing thin and that's why we have people getting upset over this situation.
Just email them. They usually find somebody to buy the spot which really boggles my mind. If after reading this thread, why would you want to subject yourself to such hassle for a jacket?
Even this piece?
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