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Holy crap! It works! **********
Why make this account and not just use your old ID?
Sorry about the confusion on my post. Was referring to the fencing posted.
Jacket came from The Office. The seam under the collar looks slanted.
Just as I thought. That was the one you previously owned.
Do it yourself. Copy the list posted above yours and add your name at the bottom with the amount.
On this one, the stitching is white. It’s similar to the scarstitching in CCP. Definitely sizing down is needed as I tried my other jackets and this one had a bit more space.
Thanks for all the feedback. Sizing down might be better. I'll return the jacket.
I think I can still size down but it's the only size left.The thing is the sleeve length is just fine given it is gloved.
Agreed that one looked awkward. Here are a few shots just to get a better answer.
New Posts  All Forums: