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Funny because the color is designated as black but it actually is closer to charcoal with very dark brown undertones. It does fade over time making the brown undertone more evident.
What about the navy calf jodhpur? Make that happen!
^ In the illustrations, how come the pockets on the tuxedo have flaps? Were they common on them before or is that just a mistake by the artist?
^ Love it.
Just be sure to get proper measurements on backlash. Based on my experience, it fits 2 sizes smaller.
I think Blue in Green had them. Not sure if they still do.
I couldn't make out the details of the shoes. As far as the jacket being too small, I don't see much pulling on the photo that I've seen. Maybe it's just his physique that's making the jacket small?
I liked Fassbender's except for pants length as well. Bradley Cooper looked great in his tux. Adding a pocket square will make it better though.
I believe they're three jackets on top of each other. DR, women's bcdr or dr, and another DR.
Chest measurement of 42cm? If that's correct, that's not even gonna fit a size 46 :/
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