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Not really being sarcastic but egging @t3hg0suazn to buy it.
Why is it still there then?
Ignore the spammer.
Well with all the boots you recently got, you could have gotten a high neck that you want.
My size! Lol! Like that grey bison highneck.
Doesn't look too bulbuous on those angles. What last is this on?
Anybody in the larger size (54EU), there are some nice jackets up for sale in SZ.
I don't believe Atelier is stocking CCP until a new collection comes out. There are no stockists in LA either that have regular shipments of CCP. Although, you can try Maxfield in Melrose as the last time I was there a year ago, they had a cream/white scarstitch in 48 or 50. I can't remember the exact size though.
You don't have to use PP's exchange rate. You have the option to use your card's exchange rate. Generally, MasterCard has the best rates from my experience. I do wish AM can start accepting PP. I had a hard time completing the bank transfer from before because the IBAN he provided couldn't be recognized by my bank. I had to look up the correct IBAN and hoped he got the money.
Some see it as just another luxury item or status symbol.
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