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Good to know it's not just me. Weird though is that it varies. I had an EMS shipment recently from Japan that got delivered in 4 business days. The one prior to it took a week. This one has taken the longest. The sender already sent a request for investigation on the package. Anyway, I just read from SZ that a new collection for CCP has begun. But it seems rumors like these happen every so often. I've just recently began looking into CCP and I still want to be able to get...
I recently bought a high neck. It was shipped EMS and it's been fucking 2 weeks and I haven't received it. I'm assuming it's held up in some customs facility here in the US.
Wait... you had the studs taken out?
The chest needs to be slimmed down then. I'm thinking an overweight person will have his midsection bigger than both his chest and hips.
I don't know about selling that. Unless somebody out there has a smaller hip bone measurement than their midsection, it's not gonna fit anybody else properly.
It's the midsection measurement that killed the fit. It's really off.
Thanks. Yes, it is.
I asked for jodhpurs for the Aurum pair. Antonio said he'll make the test pair as oxford boots without a medallion.
I received these test boots today.
Wrong! It's Kenneth Cole for Skoak. You know everybody loves those square toes.
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