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Not at retail.
Moving on... CCP highneck and boots Zam Barrett DNA pants
But... but... it's so lifelike. thanks for the advice @Ragechester. I kinda figure that out as well. @flowcharts will do once I get the chance.
The Viridi-Anne Zam Barrett M_Moria
I think that's on the buyer if the product is not as they expected and should not reflect on the online buying experience and accessibility. One should understand there will always be limitations to online purchasing. If the store allows returns then good. Return it if you don't like it. But if returns are not accepted, the terms are stated in the website and should one not agree with the terms, tough luck. Go somewhere else. Online retailer won't provide measurements and...
If the designer produces large quantities or give access for special orders, then yes, eventually. But is that really due to giving access to online purchasing?
I can understand the designer's intention about the stores treating the customer buying experience with utmost respect. But it is still achievable through online sales. Most stores I've dealt with online have been really good at the customer service aspect (even with Darklands as far as my experience went) and don't have that virtual cart where you can just purchase items in the wee hours of the night by mistake. As far as the customer treating the stores and employees...
I don't think he was implying about the sales aspect. But what is the reason of restricting online sales outside of exclusivity? It's not like they are made to measure or bespoke.
But that's typical for shoe makers. CM shoe makers do those trunk shows quite often.
What are you looking for?
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