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Honestly, that comment was more of a nod to one of the many famous stories here in Styleforum. I'm looking to get a briefcase in the future as you know Roman. Most likely I will start with black. I do like that green briefcase and hopefully it eventually becomes part of the regular collection... or maybe a special edition run can happen.
@venessian Thank you kind sir. Lol! @Linjer Maybe I should have suggested that there should be a prize to the first one who guesses the color (or closest to it). :P How about a green breast wallet?
Maybe all that negative comments on the FB page generated interest in finding out who Drew is. "I'm here to see this Drew guy. How long do I have to wait to get that thick clarified butter on my oyster?" said a customer.
By the way, which leather is used on the fit jackets? Z1? (I don't even recall the names/types of leather)
@diniro It looks good. I wouldn't change anything.
Dark green?
I have gained weight since the time I got it. I rarely wear it now but I still put it on when I want a lighter jacket.
F/W 09 Julius jutneck that I still have.
"2 inches... is what what we need to let out on the waist."
Love the Cappelli cufflinks I got from you guys.
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