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I always felt the 2013 dr looks closer to the mdr especially with the zipper configuration.
You make it sound my pics are a bad thing. Lol!
Navy Lamb MDR.Had it for a while but haven't worn it yet. I just decided to upload some shots of it. [[SPOILER]]
Fulong, how much did the zipper replacement cost?
+1This wasn't taken in front of a mirror so I can safely say that is a women's jacket.
30% deposit. Construction takes 2-4 weeks and the balance due once completed. Shipping not included to the price.
Lol! Thought it was gonna be a chick with a nice rack wearing some Toj. Long day at work. Cheers everybody.
Thanks for the response guys. I know goat has somewhat both qualities but I don't want the pebbled texture for this jacket. Thanks for all the help.
I like the softness of the lamb but prefer the toughness of calf. Once broken in, does the calf become soft comparable to the lamb?
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