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Just make another spreadsheet. It will do wonders.
Take a better picture, preferably with better lighting. Wear the pants and tuck the shirt in. It's hard to properly gauge anything with that photo.
You can't place any new orders anymore.
How i wish i can fit into Backlash jackets.
This.They say that the handgrade line which is made by DC Lewis is comparable to Edward Green and the likes.
There you go
I got a grosgrain bowtie from Sam Hober. It's really nice. I think for it to be floppy, the width should be really wide.
I didn't even reach that amount. :-/
So is it normal to get billed for duties/tax, etc. for ties shipped to the US? Just got an invoice from FedEx.
But that logo sewn on the front just kills it for me. :/
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