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Better?Honestly, I'd like to see boots with the same treatment as CCP, A1923, or Guidi with a sleek chiseled last. Each to his own.
Nice jacket NN.I'm not sure if it's a recent trend or it's been happening for a long time and I just became aware of it but I'm seeing more of this all black clothing + red footwear (boots, derbies, whatever) combo.
Nope. He farmed raised your bison that's why it took a year. Time to put them up for sale.
Nice. I'm really intrigued with these white tanned versions and want to see what it looks like in person. It doesn't completely show on the photos that multidimensional black... or at least I can't completely see it.
Tried to get the size 8 yesterday. It was available but didn't respond fast enough. Sold. Tried to get the size 7 this morning. It was available but they didn't see my email soon enough. Sold. Lol! Trying to get a pair without scarring. Here's my color 19 with one boot scarred.
I also received a high neck color 10 from them about a week or so ago.
I think he's working with luxire to improve their jackets
Horse leather shrinks as well. I have soaked one and went down one size.
Yeah. I'd say the fit is spot on.
How about red then?
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