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Exactly. I didn't say for them to replace their existing products. Expanding their offerings can bring in more buyers.
Speaking of expanding their offerings, I hope they consider making jodhpur style boots.
As far as the cut goes, definitely not. It'll be whatever cut Zegna has and not Tom Ford's.
I don't think it's the style. The double rider is a very common style. The leather itself looks meh.
I'd say see if it fits you well first. It may be your size but sometimes the cut may not work depending on your physique. Then I'd check eBay and compare prices. I'm sure retail price for this is definitely above the $900 range but checking eBay can give you options.
Funny because the color is designated as black but it actually is closer to charcoal with very dark brown undertones. It does fade over time making the brown undertone more evident.
What about the navy calf jodhpur? Make that happen!
^ In the illustrations, how come the pockets on the tuxedo have flaps? Were they common on them before or is that just a mistake by the artist?
^ Love it.
Just be sure to get proper measurements on backlash. Based on my experience, it fits 2 sizes smaller.
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