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Nope, it doesn't.
Ask somebody to take photos of you wearing the tux in a well lit room or area with a lighter background. Asking for advice using those photos won't give the proper answer you need.
I did ask him if there are new jackets that are currently being designed but he said none at this time. He did make a version of this without the zipper placket. I do agree with fps that adding zippers to the pockets will ruin the lines.
Do you have any fit pics or photos of that jacket?
It's still the horsehide leather. I did see in SZ before where a green goat leather was used for this jacket.
Thanks. Can't wait for the right weather to arrive so I can start wearing it.
Hey @Synthese, do you mind putting a photo with the jacket zipped up? The bicep area seems it needs some slimming based on the photo.
Collateral Concepts
I've been to Lombardi's and I wasn't impressed. Granted I haven't explored the pizza in NYC but for me the best pizza I had is Arturo's in Maplewood, NJ.
SF robo tricked me! There's no pizza in here!
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