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Well, the design was based on draping a piece of fabric on the body/model. Maybe the left elbow was slightly flexed when the draping and molding was done hence that part looking fuller when your left arm is extended.
1.44 is heavy but that's what he normally uses. SZ had a special edition for their 10th anniv. 1.88 mm. You can see the collar stays up when unzipped.
So it's not in sections just like the leather? I have the 1.44 horse without lining. It's not bad really.
How is the lining attached? Where'd you get it?
AlexanderTG looking at LA Guy as if he just grew a third head.
Impossible. Don't even bother.
Here you go. Mostly still in boxes.
I know and understand that. My point is, if this was his collection, it is just the 2010 collection with zigzag. It's not like he even tried at all.But it's not. It's Deepti's. The way I see it, it is just a weak line up from somebody who is still trying to make it on their own and released their 2nd collection.
Not really referring to the rumor of a new collection but rather if Deepti's new collection was CCP's, I'd say CCP is done... or maybe try again.
Not for me. I would've thought he was done.
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