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He might respond quicker if you include that in your email.
Might as well edit your post here and on the other thread then.
What do you think?
Well, I don't follow all your posts but when I do usually read something from you, it's something serious and not as a joke. This one really flew over my head. My bad. LOL! Oh, people have been believing the bullshit posted on this thread btw.
What are the cons of using GMO cotton for clothing? I understand pesticides are used on GMO cotton but are there adverse effects to its user and are there studies to back it up?
That's up to Drew if he wants to do that. I see it as useless now in the current situation and due to how the manufacturing process is working currently. From what has been observed here, jackets are made in batches by the type of jackets. I believe this is to streamline the process and make it cost effective. The recent shipment was composed of wool MA-1s with orders placed from 2013 (don't know the earliest month to receive a jacket) to Feb 2014 while there are leathers...
I don't think that would be of any value since I believe that there are still people from July and August waiting for orders. Also remember, the production is done by batches.
Cross post
Well that's good to know.
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