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I'm assuming there are more than enough members that volunteered. Probably they already have a lot to do but they can at least assign one or two to handle the spam during those hours. It will help lessen their work when they wake up.
Lol! I thought about that a few weeks ago. Maybe there should be some probationary settings placed on new accounts if there's none yet. They can't start new threads for a week or two and posts are limited per day. Or maybe they can only start new threads once they reach a number of posts and they shouldn't be nonsensical.
I think it's best that people stay on his case and be hard on him. It's the only thing that worked and made him come to this thread to update or ship out jackets. Every time that happens and people get soft on him again, he disappears. I say don't let up. You guys can make all the assumptions on what his plans on the refunds but unless it comes directly from him, don't stop asking. Get your jackets, get your money.
^This. It needs to be addressed.
Maybe I can use it as a diaper bag if and when I become a father.
Hmmmmmmmm... that does seem vaguely familiar...
Isn't that typical pricing when items like these come in to the US?
If you're a size 50. http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/carol-christian-poell-funnel-neck-jacket-item-10299662.aspx?storeid=9422&ffref=lp_1_1_lst
The Office has one in color 19. It's mid gray color.
New Posts  All Forums: