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We do have the official thread and probably better if they can move this to that thread. There are a few reasons why some stuff are still there. One would be unrealistic expectations of how much their pieces should sell new or used. Some are above current retail price of what can still be ordered or purchased from stores. I get it if it is something of a really rare piece, then yeah. For the used items, for me it depends how much use it got. Knowing how CCP sizing works...
My experience is only with the A last and I don't find it narrow at all. In fact, I can fit 1 full size down from my normal size. Also, from what I'm told before, it is the roomiest last. @eckblk has boots in the B last but not in the size 43. I think you have to go true to size on the B last and half size up if you are in between sizes.
Here is an updated pattern. I considered getting it but at 3mm (if that's correct), I think the leather is too thick. I wonder if LEB will eventually move away from anfractuous distortion design and try something else.
Well, the design was based on draping a piece of fabric on the body/model. Maybe the left elbow was slightly flexed when the draping and molding was done hence that part looking fuller when your left arm is extended.
1.44 is heavy but that's what he normally uses. SZ had a special edition for their 10th anniv. 1.88 mm. You can see the collar stays up when unzipped.
So it's not in sections just like the leather? I have the 1.44 horse without lining. It's not bad really.
How is the lining attached? Where'd you get it?
AlexanderTG looking at LA Guy as if he just grew a third head.
Impossible. Don't even bother.
Here you go. Mostly still in boxes.
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