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He did. He posted a photo with three baskets and some rolls of leather... or felt paper. Whatever those are. Plus wallets were shipped out. So you should all be fine til the end of December or the next cryptic Instagram update.
Star Wars 7 and 8
Seems it's still better to get it from Skoak
It's all in here. Just add to the cart before checking out and specify for which tie you want it:https://www.samhober.com/options-for-tie-construction/Thank you for your response.
I think Margiela is part of the group.
I hope you don't mind if I use your photo as an example. From what I read and was told, you count the creases to determine the number of folds a tie has.With Cappelli, there are 12 creases and thus considered a 12-fold. It's much like folding a piece of paper in half. It creates two halves but there is only one fold. I'm no expert on things like these that's why I brought it up a few posts ago to get some insight from other people who know these things better.If this is...
Depending on the definition, that tie can actually be a 12 fold. :/
I hope he gets more new designs. There are a few that are on my wishlist that's still on the page that have 1 stock left. Funny thing is, I would notice some of them will be out of stock. Then, I will check after 3 or so days and it's in stock again for 1 unit only.Anyway, I posted this at the Cappelli thread and I'm cross-posting it here since I just want to be informed of the difference.
Anybody here who has both 7-fold ties from Cappelli and Sam Hober? I just find it interesting that their methods of doing a 7-fold are different. Anybody else noticed this? Edit: Ok, now I'm confused. How is the number of folds in a tie counted? From what I read, you count the number of creases used to fold a tie. Patrizio's 7-fold ties have 12 creases with 7 "flaps." Four flaps on one side, the other has three. I compared it to Sam Hober which has 7 creases with the...
Wow! I'm assuming these are just samples for what he has or had. I can see a tie that's no longer available on his website.
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