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^ Love it.
Just be sure to get proper measurements on backlash. Based on my experience, it fits 2 sizes smaller.
I think Blue in Green had them. Not sure if they still do.
I couldn't make out the details of the shoes. As far as the jacket being too small, I don't see much pulling on the photo that I've seen. Maybe it's just his physique that's making the jacket small?
I liked Fassbender's except for pants length as well. Bradley Cooper looked great in his tux. Adding a pocket square will make it better though.
I believe they're three jackets on top of each other. DR, women's bcdr or dr, and another DR.
Chest measurement of 42cm? If that's correct, that's not even gonna fit a size 46 :/
Currently estimated at 6 months.
http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=15137 TOJ BCDR. That is if you're willing to wait.
If the item was purchased from the physical store or from it's online website, I can agree that it's exceptional customer service that they do free alterations even after months or years from when it was purchased.But if it was bought somewhere else, especially from a secondary market, I wouldn't consider it lack of customer loyalty if they refused to do any free alterations.
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