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The chest needs to be slimmed down then. I'm thinking an overweight person will have his midsection bigger than both his chest and hips.
I don't know about selling that. Unless somebody out there has a smaller hip bone measurement than their midsection, it's not gonna fit anybody else properly.
It's the midsection measurement that killed the fit. It's really off.
Thanks. Yes, it is.
I asked for jodhpurs for the Aurum pair. Antonio said he'll make the test pair as oxford boots without a medallion.
I received these test boots today.
Wrong! It's Kenneth Cole for Skoak. You know everybody loves those square toes.
I think he just wants to purchase test shoes and that's it.
About the same I think. I'm waiting for my test shoes as he will be shipping them out this week.
I think the counter point being made is the lower cost of labor (and materials?). Where will the Honour Mark jackets be made?
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