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I thought you guys hated the zipper pull on that?
Well this is understandable because the product has been made and delivered although some errors were made. They're willing to fix the mistakes so the rude emails and threats of chargebacks are unnecessary. What's happened here is a different case. There is no delivered product.
Meaning that he shouldn't have any trouble issuing a refund... right? :P
But that won't happen anytime soon. Just do yourself a favor and get your money back.
We can all agree to that.
Can't let all that meat from the New Zealand lamb go to waste.
It took more than 17 months for it to come as well?
?I have a lined 6 fold from Patrizio and I find it quite hefty. It seems I started having a preference for the unlined 7 folds. Anyway, really like your choices here. Enjoy wearing them.
Nice. I've been looking for an orange tie on his website but never found one.
He did. He posted a photo with three baskets and some rolls of leather... or felt paper. Whatever those are. Plus wallets were shipped out. So you should all be fine til the end of December or the next cryptic Instagram update.
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